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Student Speak GRE®

Ashwini Nene

The staff at KIC (now Inspirus) guided me at every step. The classroom lectures were very useful and the teachers, experienced. The strategies taught by KIC (now Inspirus) were simply brilliant and I used those while giving the actual test.
I received specific instructions for different question types and my essays were rated almost instantaneously. Towards the end, I had the opportunity to give 20-30 tests, on the computer as well as in paper format. As a result, I was well prepared for the actual GRE.

I am grateful for the invaluable advice that I received. I attribute my good results to the KIC (now Inspirus) staff and their guidance. I would certainly recommend KIC (now Inspirus) to anyone planning to give the GRE for the expert guidance and thorough coaching.

India's First - GRE Score: 340/340

Pranav Kundra

KIC (now Inspirus) is a top-notch coaching class for all GRE aspirants. It covers all aspects of the exam. Right from the first lecture Prof Ganesh Kohli taught us that we needed to have the ‘Winner’ attitude to score well. Moreover, the staff at KIC (now Inspirus) is very helpful, always encouraging and pushing students to do their best. The teachers too, are experienced and approachable. Doubt solving is both an interactive and an informative process. Essays are rated pretty close to actual GRE standards. Also, the number of practice tests is large and is pretty exhaustive when it comes to covering all parts of the GRE. The sheer expanse of resources at KIC (now Inspirus) (books, notes, etc.) is also an advantage for every student. KIC (now Inspirus) helped me achieve a score to my potential and I’m ever the grateful.

GRE Score: 338/340

Shreyas Mundra

When I first enrolled in KIC (now Inspirus), I was a little apprehensive of the idea since I study in a different city and would only be in Mumbai during my semester holidays for two months. However, KIC (now Inspirus) stood by their word by providing me ample amount of online material and also constant guidance and support via email and phone, which is a testimony to the flexibility that KIC (now Inspirus) offers. Also, during my two months in Mumbai, they encouraged me to attend their classroom lectures which helped me a lot. During the last month of my GRE preparation, they provided me with a pre-planned schedule of practice tests that I was supposed to attempt before giving the actual GRE. The teachers and counsellors were also very approachable and I could easily approach them for getting tips, clarifying doubts as well as asking questions that I was not able to solve during the practice tests. All in all, my experience at KIC (now Inspirus) was really good and they helped me in achieving my dream score!

GRE Score: 336/340

Harsh Desai

My experience with KIC (now Inspirus) was one of continuous learning and growth, with all credit going to their academic counselors and teachers for guiding me through. I chose KIC (now Inspirus) specifically for the flexibility that their program provides while ensuring no compromise on preparation. I must say that they delivered on their promise, and I was able to balance my college life with GRE preparation, without lagging behind even a bit in either. The exhaustive amount of resources, the tailor-made guidance from the counselors, and incredibly helpful faculty helped bring out the best in me. Also, the scoring and feedback on my performances were amazingly accurate as compared to my actual performance on the test. The classroom series was really insightful, and the thorough preparation for the test day through mock tests was immensely helpful, ensuring that I was extremely comfortable on the test. There are moments during the preparation when the going gets tough, and at those times you need your guides to stick with you, and that’s exactly what you get at KIC (now Inspirus). I am indebted to everyone at KIC (now Inspirus) for helping me realize my dreams, and helping me get a good score. Thank you!

GRE Score: 334/340

Rudresh Panchal

KIC (now Inspirus) has been extremely helpful throughout this entire journey. From guidance regarding the material to be followed to the tests, everything was up to the mark. Not only was the access to tests at KIC unprecedented, but the feedback received from the faculty in various forms also was extremely helpful. I would like to specially thank Counselor for her guidance and advice. This wouldn’t have been possible without her.

GRE Score: 334/340

Pallavi Kulkarni

I believe I made a good decision in choosing KIC (now Inspirus). The lectures were good and the teachers gave useful strategies in solving questions. The counsellors were also very helpful and they gave me comprehensive study plans and test schedules.
The topic wise tests ensured that I revised each topic on time. At the same time, their schedule was flexible and so I could manage them along with regular college. In KIC (now Inspirus), I solved plenty of full length tests before my exam which boosted my confidence and helped me analyze my strengths and weaknesses. Overall my experience with KIC (now Inspirus) was good and this class will surely be my recommendation to anyone who wants to crack the GRE.

GRE Score: 332/340

Saransh Jain

I had joined inspirus after a thorough research of all the major GRE-TOEFL classes in Mumbai. It offered the best value, and still managed to outdo my expectations. The professors were smart, experienced, and always accessible. The student coordinators have helped me sort out my study plan multiple times, diligently keeping me focussed and updated by the means of emails and whats app. Even the staff was very helpful in that they made efforts to understand and cater to my needs. I would attribute my score to inspirus, without whom it was just a dream, and I would definitely recommend inspirus to other students.

GRE Score: 331/340 Verbal-161, Quant-170

Akanshi Mody

KIC (now Inspirus) has helped me achieve my dream score. The faculty helped me solve all my doubts one on one and analyse my mistakes. My counselor was very helpful and guided me with study plans and the correct approach towards my GRE preparation. I would surely recommend KIC (now Inspirus Education) to all aspirant GRE takers.

GRE Score: 330/340

Vignesh Venugopal

The teachers, counselors and non-teaching staff at KIC (now Inspirus) Andheri are very affable. Doubts and issues no matter how trivial were given due attention. Verbal was a main concern when I joined KIC (now Inspirus), having scored 140 odd marks in my diagnostic test… The lectures, the talks I had with the faculty members certainly helped me get a much better score. My counselor helped me chalk out a schedule, took follow ups to track my progress and also encouraged me with her pep talks at times when i was feeling low, having to deal with both college commitments and GRE. The quality of the tests and the fact that the centre remained open till 8 in the evening were extremely helpful in my last month of preparation. I would like to recommend KIC (now Inspirus) to people who want their preparation to be systematic. That being said, effort on part of the individual is of prime importance.

GRE Score: 330/340

Suhani Singhal

KIC (now Inspirus) is a state-of-the-art institute, providing a nurturing environment which cultivates a students’ true potential. You are exposed to all possible types of questions during well-paced lectures, have access to the best books in market via KIC’s vast library, get experienced guidance at every step during personalized counselling sessions, any doubt (no matter how trivial) is solved at your own pace in special doubt-solving lectures, and most importantly – you have access to 15-20 full-length computerized practice tests that aptly simulate exam conditions.

GRE Score: 330/340

Surbhi Kadam

My experience with KIC (now Inspirus) has been great! KIC (now Inspirus) provided me with a combination of exhaustive classroom sessions, study material and practice tests which rigorously prepared me for even the worst on test day. My amazing counselor helped me devise personalized test-taking strategies and kept me motivated throughout my prep. Whenever I needed help with a topic, the people at KIC (now Inspirus) always did their best to help me with a book, video lecture or a professor to solve my doubts. Also, I joined their GRE program in the exclusive SP batch which allowed me to juggle GRE prep and college exams hassle free. When I joined KIC (now Inspirus) 330 was a dream score and KIC (now Inspirus) made my dreams come true!

GRE Score: 330/340

Roshan Pasupathy

I enrolled in the KIC (now Inspirus) test series. Despite the shortage of time, the schedule was very well organised. The online study material was abundant without being excessive. The topic tests covered all the relevant types of questions and was instrumental in rectifying areas where I was lacking. This in turn improved my performance in the full length tests. The counselors’ provided useful suggestions regarding how to approach certain question types. Their experience enabled me to make the best use of my time. I would recommend KIC (now Inspirus) to anyone who is preparing for GRE.

GRE Score: 331/340

Bhairavi Mehta

It has been an amazing experience learning with KIC (now Inspirus). I have always had support and encouragement from the counselors. They have guided me throughout the entire process and have helped me improve where I was found lacking. The entire staff has always been very helpful and resourceful. The study material provided has been a great help towards achieving my score. I thank the entire staff of KIC (now Inspirus) Andheri branch for making it possible for me to achieve this feat.

GRE Score: 330/340

Vineet Trivedi

KIC excels in the practice of organization and structure. They have a unique ability to amalgamate a strict discipline with developing an informal milieu which encourages students to voice their doubts and concerns without a specter of hesitation. I started off as a rebel who never gave any tests and was defiant about it. 4 months before my GRE my counselor sat down with me and we casually discussed my approach towards the exam. I soon realized that my nonchalant attitude was derogatory and with my semester exams coming up I hardly had any time left to dedicate to GRE. Counselor then charted out an entire schedule for my tests along with deadlines and later on Gaya Mam charted out a schedule for 17 the full length tests. At KIC (now Inspirus) the counselors take up the responsibility for your marks. They will provide you with a plethora of material and an extensive range of exhaustive tests. Along with the routine lectures they also conduct several doubt lectures and assess your essays as well. They will prepare you for every possible scenario. At KIC (now Inspirus), they will guide you through the entire process, they will call you, message you, mail you, do whatever is necessary to remind you that you need to study and give your tests and to make sure you are well prepared to give your exam! I remember getting frantic after giving one of the full lengths and calling up Gaya Mam to ask for advice. As soon as she picked up the call I realized it was 10:30 in the night and that I should have probably waited till morning before calling her. I immediately apologized for disturbing her so late at night, however she was very supportive and went on to guide me regarding my next step and told me not to worry about one bad test. Such kind of approachability is rare to come by. The guidance, dedication, concern, experience and approachability witnessed at KIC is unparalleled.

GRE Score: 332/340

Student Speak IELTS®

Aarushi Mathur

The resources at Inspirus for IELTS® practice are vast. By going through practice test after practice test every day, I the haphazard one perennially running late, was able to complete my IELTS® prep in just 10 days – and scored 9.0 bands in three of the 4 sections!
The speaking section had troubled me initially. But thanks to the many one on one speaking test practice sessions I had and the many tips I received from Inspirus on how to and what to answer, strategies on body language and the approach of keeping my cool when having to talk about something I had no clue about, I was able to build up my confidence and speak without a hitch on the test day- it totally paid off when I got a perfect score in that department.
I practiced equally on all sections and received support on all doubts and thus, I recommend Inspirus for all your IELTS® prep needs.

IELTS Band achieved - 8.5

Riddhima Sharma

I had a fantastic experience with the one on one training at Inspirus for IELTS. Counselor was meticulous and the strategies she suggested proved useful during the test. Apart from the British Council book, I practiced with the Inspirus prep book in the days leading up to my test. The practice tests in the book were most helpful in understanding the test format. The writing section, which was the most challenging in my experience, required a lot of practice to help build the pace for the test day. What really helped me was getting feedback on my essays from my trainer on how I could strategize my time and write a neat essay on any given topic. Because I am comfortable with the English language, 30-45 days of preparation and 6-7 mock tests helped me achieve a good score. However, I would suggest at least 60 days of dedicated preparation to familiarize oneself with the test and get confident with mock tests.
I thank Inspirus for the training and being so hands on with their work. The best part was that even with my erratic schedule, the folks at Inspirus were extremely accommodating and helped me get through a fair amount of training for my IELTS Test.

IELTS Band achieved - 8

Trishant Shetty

The experience was quite positive. It really helped me to have an individual attention. The book had a variety of different seniors which helped to cover a broad scope of topics. Also the vocabulary section was a plus. My weak topic was writing. I feel practice and peer review helped me to a great deal in this. Depending on one’s weaknesses and strengths, 4-6 weeks should be the minimum time someone should dedicate on their training. The strategies on how to tackle different questions was an added advantage.

IELTS Band achieved - 8

Ranjit Mathew

My Take on the KIC (now Inspirus) Training….An Open and Free Environment. No Hard Packed Classrooms…Hands On Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening Experience. As Close As It Can Get To The Real Thing. Personal Evaluation & Assistance at Any & Every Level. Your Own Tutor And Counsellors Oversee Your Progress Right Throughout Enabling You To Overcome Your Shortcomings And Amplify Your Skills Putting It To Practice And Tuning You To The Core Thereby Setting You To Sail Through Easily In Your Test. Complete Flexibility in Timing& Monitoring Every Stage and Level Simplifying It as Something You Can Do with Your Fingertips…That’s The Inspirus Edge. I Scored a Perfect 8 and I Credit It to Counselor This Is A Dream Team And It’s A Privilege To Get Trained In Their League. A League in a Class of Its Own…Outstanding. Thank You KIC Education (now Inspirus) Pure IELTS Simplified & Personalised You Are Great….

IELTS Band achieved - 8

Umang Asher

Counselor, amazing as a tutor, had only 8 sessions but gained thorough knowledge on the exam structure and strategies which in turn helped alot and made IELTS much more easier. Yes, the books provided were good to practice and gave a clear idea before the attempt. The most favourite of mine was Cambridge IELTS 8. Pretty tough but prepared me for the worse to come. Writing section was toughest for me. It was taken care by Counselor, with the tips they provided made me score 7 bands in it. Practice is not just enough, if they didn’t point out my mistakes i would have never known where i was going wrong.
Average English speaker should atleast give about 3 hours daily for 2 weeks to get the desired score.
The classroom setting and one on one sessions made me ready for my final exam. It’s as good as it would be in the actual test. I’m grateful to KIC (now Inspirus) for helping me in every aspect for IELTS

IELTS Band achieved - 8

Mansimran Jeet

Firstly I would like to thank my mentor, who did a great job in helping me out with my weaknesses and working on them. My weak area was reading and she put in proper emphasis on that and helped me overcome my weakness and come out successfully. I have scored overall 8 bands and will be applying for Australian immigration. One on one attention was given and all aspects were covered very professionally with class timings being flexible, as per my convenience.

IELTS Band achieved - 8

Student Speak SAT®

Aarushi Mathur

At Inspirus, I received lot id help, resources & support. The practice material at Inspirus is vast and by taking lot of practice test and analyzing the results i was able to gauge where u stood and know what u need to improve on. The many books they provide insures targeted pratice for weak areas. Everyone at Inspirus will encourage you and push you to hit higher & higher targets.
Thankyou for enabling me to achieve what I’d once thought was a daunting, next to impossible score!

SAT Score: 1570/1600 Verbal-770, Quant-800

Roshni Rangwani

The Counselors were very good. My counselor always told me what to do and knew which books to refer based on my skill level for different topics, also knew which tests to give me and always gave me slightly harder tests. The new SAT is tougher than the older version and there are harder topics but it’s nice as it does not have negative markings student can invest 6 months for preparation for the SAT exam. The lectures at KIC (now Inspirus) were good and all my doubts were solved by the professor. Full tests were quite a few around 20 full sets of SAT actual tests. It was nice to have a little more time to get used to the topic as many new maths topic were introduced along with English vocab and topics not attempted before. For the essay the linguistic devices to learn and understand what sort of reasoning the author was using was very useful. I’m happy I was hyper in the beginning and did not really have time to do anything besides just try to finish all answers. I used a watch and made sure to check the time always. The non-calculator section freaked me at the start but i feel it was better and i calmed down later realising you don’t need the calculator at all.  KIC (now Inspirus) internal test helped me in brushing up my knowledge about the topics for revision.

SAT Score: 1560/1600

Shania Sinha

Inspirus helped me a lot in preparing for my SAT. They were very accommodating with my busy schedule. Their prep classes helped me revise the basic concepts which guided me in solving high-level SAT problems, both in Math and English. The teachers also cleared every doubt I had. Whenever I needed them, they were there to help me! Their timed practice tests helped me improve my score. Achieving a high score was made possible with the help

SAT Score: 1530/1600

Ananya Sivaraman

KIC (now Inspirus) truly helped me increase my SAT score substantially. I can owe it to the faculty who provided insights and key strategies to tackle the test section by section. Their timely advice and support has helped me the most. The best aspect of KIC (now Inspirus) is their rigorous testing pattern. Solving 24 full length practice tests geared me for the final day! They were always present for doubt solving and clarifications. My score wouldn’t be a possibility without their resources.

SAT Score: 1530/1600

Kashish Raimalani

The most difficult part of the SAT for me was the evidence based reading & writing section. However, after attending the lectures I was able to solve the questions with ease. The full length tests helped me with time management and I managed to finish the paper on time only after I wrote 2 papers. I am grateful to all teachers who helped me, especially the counselor who scheduled all my test & lectures and made sure I complete all my work on time.

SAT Score: 1520/1600

Tishita Agarwal

Inspirus has helped me and walked with me through every step of the way, from training and classes till the very day before the exam. I have only the excellent faculty and competent counsellors to thank for my great score the learning environment is great and the other facilities and resources helped me a lot. Thank you so so much Inspirus!

SAT Score: 1510/1600

Simran Porwal

Having made the decision to go abroad in my twelfth grade, I was intimidated by the fact that I hardly had any time for SAT preparation. However, after joining KIC (now Inspirus) the anxiety gradually vanished and I became more confident.
The lectures are really helpful for important time-saving tips as well as clarification of basic concepts. Upon missing a lecture, the counsellors always ensure that we are able to cover up that topic either by scheduling another lecture or making the video lecture available to us. I found this facility extremely useful owing to the fact that I couldn’t attend lectures during my school exams. Moreover, the teachers are almost always available for doubt solving.
Despite these amazing aspects of KIC (now Inspirus), the one which I value and love the most is the presence of the lovely counsellors. They were my constant companions throughout the journey, always urging me to do better and leaving no stone upturned when it came to giving me all the help that I required. They exuded faith in me and helped me calm down whenever I was worked up. All in all, my performance on D-day was fuelled by these lovely people and I’m extremely grateful to them.

SAT Score: 1490/1600

Isha Sethi

The KIC (now Inspirus) faculty puts a lot of dedication into teaching us exactly what we need to know to crack the SAT. A number of practice tests provided KIC (now Inspirus) and the feedback after every paper were very important to my performance on the SAT. Counselor support is available at any time of the day making it very convenient for us. I loved KIC because all the tutors are very encouraging and gave me insightful advice on how to improve my SAT score.

SAT score: 1440/1600

Student Speak TOEFL®

Rohan Jindal

Hi, Thank you for the wishes. It was a really good experience for me in KIC (now Inspirus) and the teachers and counselors played a really crucial role in me securing such a good score. Even though there wasn’t much time for me to prepare, they helped me plan out my studies accordingly in order to ensure that I was well drilled before the date of the test. The quantitative practice that I got was particularly helpful as I only had to go through my notes once before the exam and that helped me recall everything I had learned. The verbal classes were especially useful while preparing for the analytical writing as I could plan out what I wanted to write very clearly. The methods of teaching are really great and combined with the regular tests as well as the various books and links provided by KIC (now Inspirus), the task of giving the GRE became a whole lot easier. The counselors were always willing to help and pushed me to study and perform. All in all, joining KIC (now Inspirus) was extremely beneficial and helped me in getting the score I got. Thank you for all your help.

TOEFL Score: 111/120

Student Speak ACT®

Eshana Vora

I liked the learning experience at KIC (now Inspirus) a lot. The tutors were good and very patient if I had difficulty with a topic. It was very nice to see that despite the time difference and lack of in person time together, KIC (now Inspirus) was still very committed keep having classes and doing practice tests. It was definitely difficult at times due to the time differences, busy schedules, and high expectations. But, the experience was still overall good and I appreciate the high level of effort put in by KIC (now Inspirus)
English 32/36
Math 33/36
Reading 36/36
Science 29/36

ACT Score: 33/36

Shubham Parekh

KIC (now Inspirus) provided me with a great pool of resources and felicitated doubt solving sessions with the faculty whenever it was required. The Coordinator always kept up with all our timelines and requirements and the counselors always gave great insights, preparing us for the college experience.

ACT Score: 33/36

Student Speak GMAT®

Aman Arora

I would like to start off by thanking my teachers and counselors at KIC (now Inspirus). It was because of the training regimen devised by them that I was able to do well on the GMAT. What I found most commendable was the flexibility I was afforded at KIC (now Inspirus). I got to finish my classes and take a 5 month hiatus and then resume my training again. I doubt too many other institutes would be as accommodating. Also, the KIC (now Inspirus) classroom was available any time I chose to study or take a test there. There are a lot of books and other study materials available at KIC (now Inspirus) as well which were all quite helpful. My entire program happened at the pace I was most comfortable with. I owe a large part of my score to KIC (now Inspirus).

GMAT Score: 730/800
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