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Why should you take this full-length GRE Mock Test?

Personalised Learning

Identify & improve your weak areas.

Actual Test Interface

Get the real feel of the exam in mock tests.

Section Adaptive Test

Section adaptive test with auto-generated final scores similar to actual GRE.

Section Wise Test Report

Receive a comprehensive section-wise test report to pinpoint your strengths and areas for improvement.

Question Difficulty Level

Assess your skills with questions categorized into easy, medium, and hard difficulty levels after taking the test.

Time Taken Vs Others Per Question

Analyze the time you spend on each section of the test compared to others with our detailed insights.

Mock Test Details and Scores

Track your progress with detailed mock test reports, including scores for each section and overall performance trends.

Topic and Question Type Analysis

Get detailed insights on time taken, difficulty level, and performance by topic and question type.

Sub-Question Type Review

Review your accuracy and performance for each sub-question type with detailed feedback and analysis.

Difficulty Level Review

Evaluate your accuracy and performance across different difficulty levels with our comprehensive review.

Topic-Wise Assessments

Access 15 comprehensive topic-wise assessments to focus your preparation and enhance your skills.

Adaptive Score Report

Obtain a score report that adapts to your performance, mimicking the actual GRE for precise progress tracking.


Inspirus Coaching offered me exceptional mentoring for GRE which provided personalized support. Their comprehensive material and mock tests made my learning efficient.

Kanak Pandit