Aptitude Testing and Coaching (ATC)

Inspirus is a trusted name across Mumbai and Bangalore for its unique training modules, individualized counselling and successful admits of over 6000 students, in recognized universities across the US, UK, Australia-NZ, Europe, Singapore-HK as well as in top universities across India. The ultimate goal of team Inspirus is to empower students to access the best opportunities global universities can offer in order to help them harness their potential to succeed in their chosen fields and contribute positively to business and society.

Inspirus Aptitude Testing and Coaching (ATC) program is a Process – not a Product!

The ATC EDGE is designed:

Give a head start in their endeavor
to prepare for admissions to higher
institutes, globally.
Enable partner institutes
to create pathways for success for
meritorious students.
Gain a clear perspective
of the industries of
the future and the skills
and qualifications they will demand.
Co-create training modules based on
international teaching methodologies,
with Inspirus expertise.
Get personalized SWOT analysis. 3 scholarships for meritorious students.
Crack the university entrance exams and
aptitude tests successfully.
Facilitating exclusive international university
camps within school campus.
Priority admission for students to all Inspirus programs.

We work with students to help them identify their career potential, build their aptitude for successful goal realization, identify universities that match their goals and prepare for success in terms of both securing admission and adapting to new learning-teaching environments.

We work with parents to help them understand and prepare in terms of understanding new career avenues, international university environments, financial preparedness, regulatory norms, cultural ‘dos and do nots’ and international emergency services.

Our Institutional partnership program offers premier institutes like yours, an opportunity to give your students a head start in the higher education admissions process via our unique Aptitude Testing and Coaching (ATC) program. Based on our experience of working with Institutes across Mumbai and Bangalore, ATC is devised to help students crack the entrance exams and aptitude tests successfully. ATC is fabricated to improve further their learning potential while helping them identify future academic goals that set them up for success in their both academic years and career life.

Offerings from Inspirus Education – Aptitude Testing and Coaching (ATC) Program

GRE Coaching In Mumbai

Customized Program

  • Result Oriented Program, not a time bound approach
  • Personalized Study Plan
  • Progress Report Card for every student

GRE Coaching In Mumbai

Exhaustive Study Material

  • Mind Maps (Comprehensive Verbal and Math Concepts)
  • Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning Practice Booklets (Strategies & Question Bank)

GRE Coaching In Mumbai

Practice Tests

  • 9 Module tests for verbal and math topics and analysis
  • General Awareness mock tests and analysis

GRE Classes In Bandra

Individual Focus

  • Faculty with Specialization in Test Preparation
  • Personal Counselor to Monitor Student Performance
  • 100+ Hours of Classroom Contact
  • Unlimited Doubt Solving Sessions with Faculty

GRE Coaching In Mumbai

Interview / GD Preparation

  • Workshops on confidence buliding
  • Strategy implemention and coaching for Interview and GDs
  • Mock Interview / GDs

Connect with us to design, curate and individualize to your needs!

ATC is not for individual students but for institutions.