South Korea, the land of k-pop stars and quality education is a promising land when it comes to studying abroad. If you are wondering whether higher education in Korea is worth it or not, worry no further because the answer to this query is a big fat Yes! Studying in South Korea is one of the wisest decisions that one could ever make. 

Below are a few well-laid-out reasons why South Korea would be the best place for your higher studies in 2022 –

First and foremost, South Korea happens to be one of the safest and most welcoming nations in terms of its international students. Having accommodated a higher standard of living, South Korea is a place where international students can thrive and sharpen their potential to the utmost level. It is an excellent place to study, Live, work and even settle in the future.

Secondly, South Korean Universities and the degrees obtained from them are globally acclaimed and recognized. So, if you choose a Korean University we can assure you that you’ll be learning from the best and will be receiving a world-class education. South Korean Universities like Seoul National University, KAIST, Yonsei, POSTECH, and SKKU are all top 100 universities worldwide. So, a degree from any one of them would be highly beneficial for your future prospects. These universities also have a broad field of study that you can pursue in popular fields like Economics, Literature, Science, Fashion, Management, Technology, Finance, Social Science, etc. 

Thirdly, South Korea is a hub of Innovation and Technical Advancement. If you are a tech geek and want advanced gadgets and electronics for your daily survival, South Korea is the best destination for you. From being one of the poorest economies in the past few decades, South Korea completely transformed its economy into one of the most prosperous economies in the world in just a few decades with the pursuit of technological advancements. Life in South Korea is a luxurious life with the greatest gadgets that make your life so much easier to live. Thus making it ideal for student life. South Korea is also home to Big Multinational Corporations like Samsung, LG, and Hyundai that have become global leaders in technology and groundbreaking product developments. This provides an opportunity for employment and ease of life to the residents of South Korea with ample work opportunities to choose from. 

Fourth, The Education and Living costs in South Korea are pocket friendly. If you’re looking for an international destination of study with quality education and the best lifestyle that also doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket then South Korea would be the best option for you. Studying in a foreign land can be expensive but South Korean education is affordable and reliable at the same time. Compared to most foreign education destinations like Australia, USA, Canada, and France the cost of living and studying in South Korea is relatively affordable. If you chose to study in South Korea you won’t be compromising on education or your lifestyle.

Fifth, the availability of numerous scholarships makes the studying cost even more affordable. Apart from very affordable education costs the South Korean Government also has been offering scholarships to its international students since 1967. The South Korean Government offers a number of scholarships like the GKS (Global Korea Scholarship) to about 2000 deserving international students every year. Apart from this the Government also provides multiple cultural and educational exchange programs to strengthen Korean Universities’ global competence and attract students from every corner of the globe. In addition to this, many universities and Korean businesses fund students and provide them with scholarships, grants, and some financial support for the successful completion of their studies in South Korea. 

Sixth, if you are someone who wants to earn while studying, South Korea gives you ample opportunities to choose from. As an international student, you will have a number of part-time job opportunities to choose from when you decide to study in South Korea. Students doing Part-time jobs are a very common sight in the entire nation. The working and learning initiative is quite popular and widely acknowledged in Korea. In fact, With a D2 study visa, you can work for 20 hours a week on work days and as many hours as you want during holidays. South Korea’s stable economy helps provide ample work opportunities to its students to ensure that they have a stable and secure future. 

Seventh, Korean cuisine is to die for. If you are a foodie and enjoy eating out almost every day then Korea would be the perfect destination to practice this eating habit. South Korean people enjoy eating out and often eat out and enjoy a good scrumptious meal with their fellow students and colleagues. From Kimchi to Haejangguk the food in South Korea is affordable and mouth-watering. South Korea is a paradise on earth for food lovers and for students who don’t have the time to cook and still want to enjoy a healthy meal.

The eighth reason is one of the most important reasons why choosing South Korea as your higher study destination won’t disappoint you. This is because of the huge array of career prospects that will open doors for you once you’ve completed a degree in Korea. After the successful completion of your course, you can stay in South Korea and seek work. In this regard, South Korean law is quite interesting because it allows its international students to live in Korea as long as they please. You only require a valid visa and job confirmation from your employer. The presence of these two things assure you’ll have a stable and peaceful career life in South Korea. The South Korean economy is thriving and quite stable so job opportunities keep popping up for job seekers. After completing your studies it is suggested that you acquire a job seeker D-10 visa this will ensure smooth work for you in the future. 

As a generation, we are obsessed with Popular culture and Korean celebrities top the list. So, why not pursue a degree in the land of these stars and witness the beautiful culture, language, food, and all the four seasons in full bloom with a higher education degree in South Korea? Immersing oneself in culture is possibly the best way to enjoy it and South Korean culture is ever welcoming. With the decision of studying in South Korea, you will be choosing the best career path for yourself and your future.