One-on-One Coaching

At Inspirus, we have already helped thousands of students get admission to their dream universities abroad. We want to help more and more students out with this. For every student who wishes to take coaching from Inspirus but for some reason, is unable to be present at the coaching centre or is located in a different city, we do  a ‘one-on-one coaching’ session. Students opting for the one-on-one coaching program get hands-on coaching from the expert faculties at Inspirus.

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Unique Features

One-to-One Mentoring

One-to-One mentoring ensures that the student has his tutor’s undivided attention. And the tutor’s positive outlook, in turn, ensures that the student is always motivated; making the whole learning process more engaging and fun.

Customized to suit the student’s needs

With only one student to teach, the tutor can easily adjust his pace and way of teaching to suit the needs of the student.
Thus, resulting in better output.


The way of tutoring being one-on-one, the tutor can easily identify the areas where the student is lacking, his weaknesses and can ensure that the student overcomes his lacking areas. Thus, resulting in better progress. 

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