Dissecting the GMAT


The GMAT is a standardized test designed to help business schools determine how well you might succeed in their graduate program. It is absolutely essential that you do well in the exam because your scores will determine your eligibility for not only seeking an MBA but also other graduate business and management programs that use [...]

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Tips to Solve Mixture Problems


Problems based on mixtures, more commonly known as an allegation is a fairly frequent concept tested on the exam. Since a major portion of this article is devoted to mathematics, let us begin with a little bit of English. ‘Allegation’ which means ‘a method of solving mixture problems’ sounds very similar to ‘allegation’ which means [...]

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Vocabulary Builder


Improve your communication and vocabulary skills in English Improving our skill sets on a daily basis is a very important factor in our lives. When it comes to Communication, some of us are proficient and fluent enough, but others are either low on self-esteem or can’t put the right words across when it comes to [...]

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Importance of Formula for Quant!


Importance of Formula for Quant! Derived Concepts or Derived Formulae: The GRE, GMAT and SAT Quant sections require you to know the basic concepts and formulas of Maths. For example, in geometry you need to know the formulae of area of a triangle, area of an equilateral triangle etc. But more importantly the test has [...]

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