Why Partner with Us?

Inspirus Education has been training and counseling students for the past 25 years. Our proven business model has helped us successfully train and counsel more than 10,000 students so far.

Why Study Abroad Sector?

  • The education abroad industry offers a large and growing market with a massive student population. There were about 13,24,954 Indian students studying abroad in 2022 as per the report of the Ministry of External Affairs, India.
  • Technological advancements and digital learning have transformed the education landscape, providing opportunities for educational franchises to leverage technology and reach a wider audience.
Study Abroad

How Do We Build and Grow Together?

Set up Support

We guide you on selecting an ideal location for your business.

We assist you with setting up the necessary infrastructure and acquiring the required equipment.

We support you in recruiting and training qualified staff members who can uphold our high standards of education.

Marketing and Sales

We offer customized marketing collateral that align with your institute’s branding.

We provide guidance on developing effective marketing strategies.

We assist you in implementing digital marketing campaigns and utilizing social media platforms to reach a wider audience.

Training and Assistance

We train you to improve the performance of your business, and we also ensure that you operate your business to our standards.

We provide a Single Point of Contact to get advice and guidance directly.

We also have a strong communication network to make decisions faster.

We provide training and refresher training regularly to improve all aspects of your business capability.


Our Standard Operating Procedures are easy to follow and help run a new set up smoothly.

We assist you with managing student enrollment, records, progress, etc. effectively.

Our admissions counselors are experts in their field. They guide and provide the best solutions to students.

Our instructors have vast experience of teaching and follow a scores-driven approach.

Technology Support

We provide you iSLP (Inspirus Student Learning Portal) to enhance the learning experience of students.

Our versatile iSMS (Inspirus Student Management System) keeps the record of the journey of a student from the lead generation to his service.

Our IT professionals provide ongoing support to maintain and upgrade your institute’s technological infrastructure.


What do we want from our partners?

Passion for Academic Business: We value partners who demonstrate a deep and genuine interest in academics and believe in fulfilling students’ aspirations above all.

Hands-on Involvement: We prioritize partners who actively participate in all aspects of the business, including day-to-day operations, academic delivery, marketing, sales, etc.

It is a great opportunity for existing counsellors, career coaches, teachers, and educators to start their own ventures and become edupreneur.