A good GMAT and GRE score are important for securing admission in a reputed foreign university. These exams are not only expensive, but need to be appeared for in a restricted span before applying to universities to get the results in time. It is difficult, but not impossible, to ace your GMAT and GRE in one go. Here are a few tips that would guide you while preparing for these exams-

Prepare your study environment

Before setting up a routine, it is important to have a calm, organized environment to properly focus on your studies.  Taking the time to plan and organize your workspace, materials, and textbooks will go a long way.  If you think that you’ll only be able to concentrate on a single section for an hour or two, then adjust your study plan accordingly by incorporating a break, or a change in your topic of focus. Consistency is important in maintaining a routine. 

Choose a suitable date for your test

When taking the GMAT or GRE, you have flexibility to choose a date. Pick a date that is practical and reasonable for you. It would be beneficial to choose a date at the end of a break, or a period of holiday, to ensure that you will have some time to focus only on preparing, and to revise any areas in which you do not have enough confidence.

Expect the unexpected

GRE and GMAT are not like regular university exams. They need a different approach in terms of study and application. It would be better to reserve some extra time for unexpected difficulties along the way. Don’t forget to give yourself time to adjust to the study pattern and syllabus. You could use a study diary to keep track of the topics covered.

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Test yourself

A lot of online tests are available for you to solve and check where you stand with respect to your aim. However, it is important to remember that they are just practices. There are a myriad of factors that can affect your performance on test day, so keep pushing yourself, whether you’re scoring high on practice tests or not: aim high, but keep your feet firmly on the ground.

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Refine your mental math skills

You should spend some time refining your mental math skills and get ready to solve calculations in your head as quickly as possible. This will surely save time. This will also make you much more efficient in utilising time.

Contextual usage of vocabulary/words

Merely knowing a word’s meaning without understanding the context won’t help. It is important to regularly read articles from newspapers, both Indian and foreign and understand the context of the new words that you encounter. Apart from newspapers, read as much as you can. Make it a part of your routine. Diverse subjects, especially those for which you have no context, need to be included. You might start enjoying this in due time!

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Allot time for questions

While attempting either exam, manage time well. Solve simple questions first. Reserve more time for questions with higher difficulty. Don’t be stuck up on a single time-consuming question. You can come back to it. Method of elimination can help you to answer tricky questions. Smart guesses are always beneficial.

Hope these tips will help you if you are going for GMAT and GRE in one go. If you want us to help you in your preparation for GRE and GMAT, you can checkout our GRE Coaching Classes and GMAT Coching Classes.