When it comes to pursuing graduate studies in business or other related fields, many students are required to take either the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). Both tests assess critical thinking, analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative skills. However, recently, both exams have introduced shorter, focused editions to cater to specific program requirements. In this blog, we will compare the Shorter GRE and the GMAT Focus Edition, highlighting the key differences in various areas.

Test Owners

           Shorter GRE       GMAT Focus Edition
Test Owner                  ETS                 GMAC

Format and Question Types


Shorter GRE

GMAT Focus Edition

Test Duration 1 hour 58 minutes 2 hours 15 minutes
Number of Sections 5 3
Section Type QR – 2 Sections

VR – 2 Sections

AWA – 1 Essay

QR – 1 Section

VR – 1 Section

DI – 1 Section

Number of Questions QR – 27 Questions in total

VR – 27 Questions in total

AWA – 1 essay

Total 54 Questions and 1 essay

QR – 21

VR – 23

DI – 20

Total 64 Questions


 Section Duration QR (2 Sections of total 47 mins)

VR (2 Sections of total 41 mins)

AWA (1 essay of 30 mins)

All 3 Sections of 45 minutes each

*QR – Quantitative Reasoning, VR – Verbal Reasoning, DI – Data Insights, AWA – Analytical Writing Assessment

Fees and Additional Score Reporting


Shorter GRE

GMAT Focus Edition

Test Fee USD 228 USD 275
Additional Score Reporting USD 30 per Recipient USD 35 per Recipient


Shorter GRE

GMAT Focus Edition

QR – 130 to 170 points

VR – 130 to 170 points

AWA – 0 to 6 points

QR, VR, and DI scaled scores are combined and a composite score between 205 to 805 is provided

Free Score Reporting

Shorter GRE

GMAT Focus Edition

4 Recipients 5 Recipients
Recipients are to be added AFTER the test ends You must send your (up to 5) free score reports within 48 hours of your Official Score being made available on mba.com.


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