Having made the decision to go abroad in my twelfth grade, I was intimidated by the fact that I hardly had any time for SAT preparation. However, after joining Inspirus SAT coaching classes the anxiety gradually vanished and I became more confident.
The lectures are really helpful for important time-saving tips as well as clarification of basic concepts. Upon missing a lecture, the counsellors always ensure that we are able to cover up that topic either by scheduling another lecture or making the video lecture available to us. I found this facility extremely useful owing to the fact that I couldn’t attend lectures during my school exams. Moreover, the teachers are almost always available for doubt solving.
Despite these amazing aspects of Inspirus, the one which I value and love the most is the presence of the lovely counsellors. They were my constant companions throughout the journey, always urging me to do better and leaving no stone unturned when it came to giving me all the help that I required. They exuded faith in me and helped me calm down whenever I was worked up. All in all, my performance on D-day was fuelled by these lovely people and I’m extremely grateful to them.