Student Speak GRE® & MS Counseling

Ashwini Nene

Study Abroad Consultant

The staff at Inspirus guided me at every step. The classroom lectures were very useful and the teachers, experienced. The strategies taught by Inspirus were simply brilliant and I used those while giving the actual test. I received specific instructions for different question types and my essays were rated almost instantaneously. Towards the end, I had the opportunity to give 20-30 tests, on the computer as well as in paper format. As a result, I was well prepared for the actual GRE.

I am grateful for the invaluable advice that I received. I attribute my perfect results to the Inspirus staff and their guidance. I would certainly recommend Inspirus to anyone planning to give the GRE for the expert guidance and thorough coaching.

India’s First – GRE Score: 340/340

Pranav Kundra

GMAT Coaching Classes

Inspirus is a top-notch coaching class for all GRE aspirants. It covers all aspects of the exam. Right from the first lecture Prof Ganesh Kohli taught us that we needed to have the ‘Winner’ attitude to score well. Moreover, the staff at Inspirus is very helpful, always encouraging and pushing students to do their best. The teachers too, are experienced and approachable. Doubt solving is both an interactive and an informative process. Essays are rated pretty close to actual GRE standards. Also, the number of practice tests is large and is pretty exhaustive when it comes to covering all parts of the GRE. The sheer expanse of resources at Inspirus (books, notes, etc.) is also an advantage for every student. Inspirus helped me achieve a score to my potential and I’m ever the grateful.

GRE Score: 338/340

Shreyas Mundra


When I first enrolled in Inspirus, I was a little apprehensive of the idea since I study in a different city and would only be in Mumbai during my semester holidays for two months. However, Inspirus stood by their word by providing me ample amount of online material and also constant guidance and support via email and phone, which is a testimony to the flexibility that Inspirus offers. Also, during my two months in Mumbai, they encouraged me to attend their classroom lectures which helped me a lot. During the last month of my GRE preparation, they provided me with a pre-planned schedule of practice tests that I was supposed to attempt before giving the actual GRE. The teachers and counsellors were also very approachable and I could easily approach them for getting tips, clarifying doubts as well as asking questions that I was not able to solve during the practice tests. All in all, my experience at Inspirus was really good and they helped me in achieving my dream score!

GRE Score: 336/340

Harsh Desai

Inspirus Education

My experience with Inspirus was one of continuous learning and growth, with all credit going to their academic counselors and teachers for guiding me through. I chose Inspirus specifically for the flexibility that their program provides while ensuring no compromise on preparation. I must say that they delivered on their promise, and I was able to balance my college life with GRE preparation, without lagging behind even a bit in either. The exhaustive amount of resources, the tailor-made guidance from the counselors, and incredibly helpful faculty helped bring out the best in me. Also, the scoring and feedback on my performances were amazingly accurate as compared to my actual performance on the test. The classroom series was really insightful, and the thorough preparation for the test day through mock tests was immensely helpful, ensuring that I was extremely comfortable on the test. There are moments during the preparation when the going gets tough, and at those times you need your guides to stick with you, and that’s exactly what you get at Inspirus. I am indebted to everyone at Inspirus for helping me realize my dreams, and helping me get a good score. Thank you!

GRE Score: 334/340

Rudresh Panchal

Study Abroad Consultant In Mumbai

Inspirus has been extremely helpful throughout this entire journey. From guidance regarding the material to be followed to the tests, everything was up to the mark. Not only was the access to tests at Inspirus unprecedented, but the feedback received from the faculty in various forms also was extremely helpful. I would like to specially thank Counselor for her guidance and advice. This wouldn’t have been possible without the whole Inspirus team.

GRE Score: 334/340

Pallavi Kulkarni

Inspirus Education

I joined Inspirus GRE and IELTS classes for my preparation and further joined it’s university counseling and I’m happy with my decision. The lectures and the numerous practice tests that Inspirus gave me really helped me in achieving a good score in GRE (332/340) as well as in IELTS (8.0/9.0).
I would especially like to thank Anagha ma’am for helping me with the university application process. She gave me useful tips on writing my SOP and resume. Whenever I had any doubt about the application process, I would ask her and she would immediately clarify it. Inspirus made the entire journey from GRE preparation to pre-departure quite smooth. And it has undoubtedly helped me in getting into one of the best engineering colleges in the US.

GRE Score: 332/340

Saransh Jain

Study Abroad Consultant

I had joined Inspirus after a thorough research of all the major GRE-TOEFL classes in Mumbai. It offered the best value, and still managed to outdo my expectations. The professors were smart, experienced, and always accessible. The student coordinators have helped me sort out my study plan multiple times, diligently keeping me focussed and updated by the means of emails and WhatsApp. Even the staff was very helpful in that they made efforts to understand and cater to my needs. I would attribute my score to Inspirus, without whom it was just a dream, and I would definitely recommend Inspirus to other students.

GRE Score: 331/340 Verbal-161, Quant-170

Akanshi Mody

Study Abroad Consultant

Inspirus has helped me achieve my dream score. The faculty helped me solve all my doubts one on one and analyse my mistakes. My counselor was very helpful and guided me with study plans and the correct approach towards my GRE preparation. I would surely recommend Inspirus to all aspirant GRE takers.

GRE Score: 330/340

Vignesh Venugopal

Inspirus Education

The teachers, counselors and non-teaching staff at Inspirus Andheri are very affable. Doubts and issues no matter how trivial were given due attention. Verbal was a main concern when I joined Inspirus, having scored 140 odd marks in my diagnostic test. The lectures, the talks I had with the faculty members certainly helped me get a much better score. My counselor helped me chalk out a schedule, took follow ups to track my progress and also encouraged me with her pep talks at times when I was feeling low, having to deal with both college commitments and GRE. The quality of the tests and the fact that the centre remained open till 8 in the evening were extremely helpful in my last month of preparation. I would like to recommend Inspirus to people who want their preparation to be systematic. That being said, effort on part of the individual is of prime importance.

GRE Score: 330/340

Suhani Singhal

Inspirus Education

Inspirus is a state-of-the-art institute, providing a nurturing environment which cultivates a students’ true potential. You are exposed to all possible types of questions during well-paced lectures, have access to the best books in market via Inspirus’ vast library, get experienced guidance at every step during personalized counselling sessions, any doubt (no matter how trivial) is solved at your own pace in special doubt-solving lectures, and most importantly – you have access to 15-20 full-length computerized practice tests that aptly simulate exam conditions.

GRE Score: 330/340

Surbhi Kadam

Inspirus Education

My experience with Inspirus has been great! Inspirus provided me with a combination of exhaustive classroom sessions, study material and practice tests which rigorously prepared me for even the worst on test day. My amazing counselor helped me devise personalized test-taking strategies and kept me motivated throughout my prep. Whenever I needed help with a topic, the people at Inspirus always did their best to help me with a book, video lecture or a professor to solve my doubts. Also, I joined their GRE program in the exclusive SP batch which allowed me to juggle GRE prep and college exams hassle free. When I joined Inspirus 330 was a dream score and Inspirus made my dreams come true!

GRE Score: 330/340

Pankaj Badgujar

GRE Score

I had joined Inspirus rather late considering that I was aiming for spring intake, but the teachers and the counselors were outstanding in carving out a personalized plan for my study and admission counseling. Their flexibility and precise scheduling made sure that I take live lectures in multiple batches that I had missed due to joining late. They also provided me with video lectures for any topic requiring revision. Their exhaustive study materials and about 20 odd tests helped me improve on my weak areas in the verbals section and achieve a good score within a span of 2 months. Their counseling programme was also commendable with accurate guidance in the preparation of SOP, resume and other documents. I would particularly like to thank Anagha ma’am for her counsel right from shortlisting universities and arranging documents to visa procedures. Her knowledge and experience proved helpful while taking decisions and moving forward with the admission process, and I am thankful to Inspirus for helping me get a good score and eventually, into a good university.

GRE Score: 322/340 TOEFL Score: 115/120, MSCS at Northeastern University (Spring 2019)

Prsni Patel

MS Counseling

“I was admitted to Tufts University for a Ph.D. In Psychology. I’m also in the last round of interviews at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and the University of Denver. A big Thank you to you and the inspirus team for your help through the process!”

Abhishek Dhotre

GRE Live Online Coaching

My entire experience with Inspirus was very good till the end. I gave Gre twice and they helped me even after my first attempt. The teachers are very friendly and so is the staff. Their professional help is really valuable not just in quants and verbal but also in essays and other strategies. Would recommend 10/10

GRE Score: 321/340 Verbal-155, Quant-166

Him Sampat

Thank you a lot for being there with me through every step. It’s been a blessing to be guided by you. It was because of your constant support that I was able to continue my process even during the most uncertain times. I’ll definitely message you once I get a USA SIM card.
Master of Engineering Management at Northeastern University Boston (Fall 2020)

Anushree Vaidya

GRE Coaching Classes In Mumbai

I got a score of 324 in my GRE and it wouldn’t have been possible to get a good score like that without the help and guidance from the faculty and mentors at Inspirus. From the study plan drafted by my mentor Husnara Ma’am to the doubt solving sessions with the faculties, I got every bit of support from Inspirus.
And full-length mock tests gave me the real feel of the actual GRE test. This was also routinely monitored by my mentor and I was suggested test analysis accordingly.
My hard work and Inspirus’ support was the combined force that resulted in my good marks in the final GRE.

For that, I sincerely thank the whole team of Inspirus.

GRE Score: 324/340

Archit Kulkarni

INSPIRUS has been one of the biggest factors in helping me achieve my career goals. Besides academic & admissions counseling the team offered tremendous support during an uncertain phase due to the COVID Pandemic. Highly recommend INSPIRUS

US for study abroad ambitions!

Master of Environmental Building Design at University of Pennsylvania (Fall 2021)

Natasha Covtinho

Right from the start of my application, it was a very positive experience. In every step, all my queries were answered in a personalised way. With the ups & downs we’ve had to face, I had the reassurance – majorly due to this counselling program that my dreams would come true. They were very accommodating to the last minute changes. I decided to make in my application and now I am going to my dream university

MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences at University of Maryland Baltimore (Fall 2021)

Keitly Rebello

I joined Inspirus with a lot of fears and worries and everything was cleared by them. Through their efforts I have achieved the result I desired. Thank you for everything!

Artificial Intelligence at Northeastern University Boston (Fall 2021)

Ruchi Kolhe

The experience with Inspirus was great till now. My counselor Yash Patel was very helpful throughout my application process and helped a lot with editing the SOPs for university & also for visa. Thank you a lot Inspirus for such a great experience and for helping me to get through and a popular and the best university.

Masters in urbanism (urban design) at University of Sydney (Fall 2021)

Tejratna Chavan

The guidance offered by the staff specially Yash was really helpful. From adding the sparkle to my SOP to preparing me for the VISA process was a thrilling experience and I am really thankful for him being easily approachable.

MS- Chemical & Biochemical Engg. at Rutgers University (Fall 2021)

Padmaja Kolle

I reached San Diego after a smooth trip; settling down now. Needless to say, I couldn’t be here without your support and guidance. Inspirus has been of the utmost importance in my MS journey. Your constant support right from the GRE/ TOEFL exams to the tedious Visa process made the entire admissions journey so much easier. Thank you for handling all my reservations, right from my silly doubts to my paranoid questions. Your promptness never made me feel like you were managing so many students at once!

So, a big thank you from me to the entire Inspirus team, especially you!

MS- Computer Science at University of California San Diego (Fall 2021)

Student Speak IELTS®

Aarushi Mathur

SAT Topper

The resources at Inspirus for IELTS® practice are vast. By going through practice test after practice test every day, I the haphazard one perennially running late, was able to complete my IELTS® prep in just 10 days – and scored 9.0 bands in three of the 4 sections!
The speaking section had troubled me initially. But thanks to the many one on one speaking test practice sessions I had and the many tips I received from Inspirus on how to and what to answer, strategies on body language and the approach of keeping my cool when having to talk about something I had no clue about, I was able to build up my confidence and speak without a hitch on the test day – it totally paid off when I got a perfect score in that department.
I practiced equally on all sections and received support on all doubts. I highly recommend Inspirus for all your IELT preparation needs.

IELTS Band achieved - 8.5

Riddhima Sharma

Study Abroad Consultant

I had a fantastic experience with the one on one training at Inspirus for IELTS. Counselor was meticulous and the strategies she suggested made the difference during the test. Apart from the British Council book, I practiced with the Inspirus prep book in the days leading up to my test. The practice tests in the book were most helpful in understanding the test format. The writing section, which was the most challenging in my experience, required a lot of practice to help build the pace for the test day. What really helped me was getting feedback on my essays from my trainer on how I could strategize my time and write a neat essay on any given topic. Because I am comfortable with the English language, 30-45 days of preparation and 6-7 mock tests helped me achieve a good score. However, I would suggest at least 60 days of dedicated preparation to familiarize oneself with the test and get confident with mock tests.
I thank Inspirus for the training and being so hands on with their work. The best part was that even with my erratic schedule, the folks at Inspirus were extremely accommodating and helped me get through a fair amount of training for my IELTS Test.

IELTS Band achieved - 8

Trishant Shetty

study abroad consultant

My experience with Inspirus was quite positive. The individual attention I got really helped me a lot. The course book had a variety of different sections which helped to cover a broad scope of topics. Also the vocabulary section was a plus. My weak topic was writing. I feel practice and peer review helped me to a great deal in this, through the constant push from the counsellor. Depending on one’s weaknesses and strengths, 4-6 weeks should be the minimum time someone should dedicate on their training. Inspirus helped with a lot of strategies on how to tackle different questions, which was an huge advantage on the exam day.

IELTS Band achieved - 8

Fatema Kanchwala

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the minds to think said, Albert Einstein. And Inspirus is brilliant in training! They not only helped me achieve my target scores but also improved my logical reasoning. The teachers are well qualified and trained to give you personal attention but also to help realize your true potential. Hats off to Ms. Shreya for motivating me to aim high and being the best coach one could ever ask for. I sincerely recommend Inspirus to take the first step in achieving your dream.

IELTS Band achieved - 8

Student Speak SAT® & UG Counseling

Aarushi Mathur

SAT Topper

At Inspirus, I received a lot of help, resources & support. The practice material at Inspirus is vast and by taking lot of practice test and analyzing the results I was able to gauge where I stood and know what I needed to improve. The many books they provide ensures targeted practice for weak areas. Everyone at Inspirus will encourage you and push you to hit higher & higher targets. Thank you for enabling me to achieve what I’d once thought was a daunting, next to impossible score!

SAT Score: 1570/1600 Reading & Writing-770, Math-800

Shania Sinha

Inspirus helped me a lot in preparing for my SAT. They were very accommodating with my busy schedule. Their prep classes helped me revise the basic concepts which guided me in solving high-level SAT problems, both in Math and English. The teachers also cleared every doubt I had. Whenever I needed them, they were there to help me! Their timed practice tests helped me improve my score. I have to attribute all the credit to Inspirus for my high score.

SAT Score: 1530/1600

Kashish Raimalani

Inspirus Education

The most difficult part of the SAT for me was the evidence based reading & writing section. However, after attending the lectures I was able to solve the questions with ease. The full length tests helped me with time management and I managed to finish the paper on time only after I wrote 2 papers. I am grateful to all teachers who helped me, especially the counselor who scheduled all my test & lectures and made sure I complete all my work on time.

SAT Score: 1520/1600

Tishita Agarwal

Inspirus Education

Inspirus has helped me and walked with me through every step of the way, from training and classes till the very day before the exam. I have only the excellent faculty and competent counsellors to thank for my great score. The learning environment is great and the other facilities and resources helped me a lot. Thank you so so much Inspirus!

SAT Score: 1510/1600

Amogh Rao

I had reached out to Inspirus just two weeks before my SAT and despite such short notice, they helped me with all that they could to help me push through the final leg of the SAT preparation. Though I did not expect much from the first attempt, I got a decent score of about 1300.
The next attempt that I gave was all under the supervision of the counselor and teachers at Inspirus. Their study material and valuable guidance for about the next 5 months helped me to polish my concepts about the SAT. All this finally culminated when I gave the SAT again and scored a perfect 1500. I am extremely grateful and obliged to all my mentors at Inspirus who assisted me in achieving this feat. My experience had been a great one and it shall be cherished by me in the years to come. Thank You Inspirus.
SAT Score: 1500/1600 Reading & Writing-730, Math-770

Simran Porwal

Inspirus Student

Having made the decision to go abroad in my twelfth grade, I was intimidated by the fact that I hardly had any time for SAT preparation. However, after joining Inspirus SAT coaching classes the anxiety gradually vanished and I became more confident.
The lectures are really helpful for important time-saving tips as well as clarification of basic concepts. Upon missing a lecture, the counsellors always ensure that we are able to cover up that topic either by scheduling another lecture or making the video lecture available to us. I found this facility extremely useful owing to the fact that I couldn’t attend lectures during my school exams. Moreover, the teachers are almost always available for doubt solving.
Despite these amazing aspects of Inspirus, the one which I value and love the most is the presence of the lovely counsellors. They were my constant companions throughout the journey, always urging me to do better and leaving no stone unturned when it came to giving me all the help that I required. They exuded faith in me and helped me calm down whenever I was worked up. All in all, my performance on D-day was fuelled by these lovely people and I’m extremely grateful to them.

SAT Score: 1490/1600

Isha Sethi

Inspirus Student

The Inspirus faculty puts a lot of dedication into teaching us exactly what we need to know to crack the SAT. A number of practice tests provided Inspirus and the feedback after every paper were very important to my performance on the SAT. Counselor support is available at any time of the day making it very convenient for us. I loved Inspirus because all the tutors are very encouraging and gave me insightful advice on how to improve my SAT score.

SAT score: 1440/1600

Student Speak TOEFL®

Rohan Jindal

inspirus Education

It was a really good experience for me in Inspirus and the teachers and counselors played a really crucial role in me securing such a good score. Even though there wasn’t much time for me to prepare, they helped me plan out my studies accordingly in order to ensure that I was well drilled before the date of the test. The quantitative practice that I got was particularly helpful as I only had to go through my notes once before the exam and that helped me recall everything I had learned. The verbal classes were brilliant while preparing for the analytical writing as I could plan out what I wanted to write very clearly. The methods of teaching are really great, combined with the regular tests as well as the various books and links provided by Inspirus, make the task of giving the GRE a whole lot easier. The counselors were always willing to help and pushed me to study and perform. All in all, joining Inspirus TOEFL coaching classes was extremely beneficial and helped me in getting the score I got.

TOEFL Score: 111/120

Student Speak ACT®

Eshana Vora

act topper

I liked the learning experience a lot. The tutors were brilliant and so patient when I had any difficulty with a topic. It was very nice to see that despite the time difference and lack of in person time together, the Inspirus team was very committed. They keep having classes and doing practice tests. It was definitely difficult at times due to the time differences, busy schedules, and high expectations but they helped cope up with it. The experience was overall good and I appreciate the high level of effort put in by Inspirus.
English 32/36
Math 33/36
Reading 36/36
Science 29/36

ACT Score: 33/36

Shubham Parekh

Inspirus Student

I got a great pool of resources and so many doubt solving sessions with the faculty, everytime I needed. The Coordinator always kept up with all our timelines and requirements and helped us be prepared with each small thing in time. They provided me excellent ACT coaching with a proper plan to excel my ACT Exam. The counselors gave great insights, preparing us for the college experience. Overall, it was a great dedication for our success from the Inspirus team!

ACT Score: 33/36

Student Speak GMAT® & MBA/ MiM Counseling

Aman Arora

I would like to start off by thanking my teachers and counselors at Inspirus for providing me such great GMAT Coaching. It was because of the training regimen devised by them that I was able to do well on the GMAT. What I found most commendable was the flexibility I was afforded at Inspirus. I got to finish my classes and take a 5 month hiatus and then resume my training again. I doubt too many other institutes would be as accommodating. Also, the Inspirus classroom was available any time I chose to study or take a test there. There are a lot of books and other study materials available at Inspirus as well which were all quite helpful. My entire program happened at the pace I was most comfortable with. I owe a large part of my score to Inspirus.

GMAT Score: 730/800

Student Speak PSAT®

Tejas Bantupalli

Tejas Bantupalli

Inspirus’s study plan and material helped me improve my scores as they were very organised and their study material covered everything needed for PSAT. I ended up getting 1320/1440 in total, with 720/720 in math.

PSAT Score: 1320/1440

Student Speak SWOT

Chrislyn Thomas

“The SWOT Session was very helpful for me. This session is quite similar to an aptitude test wherein you are able to visualize your future more clearly. It helps you to realize how much more you are capable of and then gives you a clear conclusion on which fields may suit your personality and interest. It is a Short session which will help you a lot. You and your counselor engage very well and make you understand your future career.”

PACE Junior Science College, Class 12

Rishabh Ghanty

“The SWOT analysis sessions really helped me in figuring out my pros and cons and also the prospects of careers I’m interested in. It basically gave me a big picture about myself and my future and overall it was pretty helpful.”

The Kalyani School, Class 12

Shashwati Shankar

“The SWOT session was very insightful and I gained something that I can use for a long time. Gaya Ma’am is very supportive. She has given me honest advice at all times and has never allowed me to doubt myself. I have the kind of clarity which I never expected I would she’s very helpful in putting things in a better perspective. I feel really empowered just by talking to her. Thank you Gaya Ma’am!”

CMS School, Class 9