Planning to study abroad can be daunting. The process of application and selection might get stressful. It is likely that you will forget about some of the important things. Here are the top 5 tips for study abroad that will smoothen the process.

Prepare for living in a foreign country

Context is important in understanding a country and its people. Try to research into the history and political background of the country you are planning to study in so that you can be more familiar with the culture there. From a cultural perspective, Australia, Europe or America are diverse and differ vastly from India.

Now, you may be worried about butchering the language by mispronouncing or saying something inappropriate and therefore being criticised by the locals. It is a very understandable concern, but the truth is that people tend to appreciate your efforts in adopting their culture and language. Knowing and being able to speak the local language will benefit you a lot while studying, looking for part-time jobs and travelling.

On arrival

The first and one of the most important things you are supposed to do on arrival is to register yourself with the internal affairs ministry or the local municipality. This is to be done within 24 to 48 hours. Registration helps you legalise your stay in that country and later might help you in getting temporary residency. However, there are different rules for different countries. You would benefit from getting a bank account in the country you are studying in. This will allow you to pay the bills without the hassles of currency conversion and keep your money safe. To do so, you will need your passport, proof of residence and proof that you are a student.

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Student accommodation

Before everything else, make sure you have decided on what accommodation you want to stay in. You can contact the International Office at your university for the accommodation facilities and the representatives will guide you with it. The international student identity card will be of value for cheap travelling charges. You can get a good discount with this card at various shopping and food outlets. There are many online accommodation booking companies where you can choose from a wide range of student residences, however, you will need to proactively apply early on so that you can guarantee yourself a room.

International calling

Although a lot of calls are done through the internet nowadays either through Skype, Whats app, or e-meet through Google or Zoom, nevertheless students still prefer the traditional calls for emergency purposes. You might wonder whether your current phone will work in a foreign country. Don’t worry about it, it most certainly will. However, you will have to change your sim card and will have to buy a new one. Once that is done, you can activate an international pack for calling to India and that too at very affordable rates.

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You can speak to your respective universities and enquire about finances which will be made available for your studies. If you do not want to take this route, you can also find some external charities that can offer you financial aid as a scholarship for studying abroad. Some scholarships are available to you exclusively based on the country where you want to study.

Hope these tips for study abroad will help you.