Improve your communication and vocabulary skills in English

Improving our skill sets on a daily basis is a very important factor in our lives. When it comes to Communication, some of us areproficient and fluent enough, but othersare either low on self esteem or can’t put the right words across when it comes to explaining our thoughts. Communication plays a very important role in our daily lives and without it we are unable to express whatwe feel. It is the key to discussing our problems, presenting view points and ideas, and expressing ourinner most feelings.

Imagine yourself in a country where English is the native Language with which you neither are comfortable nor well versed. Sometimes, not being able to speak in the native language is a barrier to efficient communication. An extensive vocabulary would help in order to have a grasp of the language.

KIC Education has designed some techniques that you could refer to, in order toimprove your vocabularyand learn a new language.

Try some of these techniques and be a master of it in no time:


We come across new words daily, either whilst reading or listening. When you come across a word you don’t understand, make sure to look it up immediately and make note of it. The best way to remember these new words is to use them in everyday conversations; this helps you build your Personal Dictionary. Try to find topics that interest you to read more extensively.

Reading is all about gaining knowledge, italso helps you gain confidence in your “Professional Endeavour’s.

Mnemonics (pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that helps in remembering the unfamiliar).

Mnemonics is defined simply as a device that aids memorization ofnew words/facts (, 2014).

Mnemonics can be used best when you find it difficult to understand or grasp a particular word. It’s most helpful when you plan to learn a new Language.

The method to apply Mnemonics:

If you come across an unfamiliar word you find difficult to relate to, it’s best to associate it with something you can relate to. For Example: the word amiable which means friendly, can always be remembered if you have a friend named” Amy”. This is a simple trick or rather a small example to remember difficult words.


Listening, while enhancing your vocabulary, also enables you to better your oratory skills, thereby making you comfortable with Group Discussions which are difficult to master.

Flash Cards

A flash card is a note that has words or numbers on it and is typically used for vocabulary building. A flash card has a question and the corresponding answer on either of its sides. They are one of the best tools to engage in active recall and help learning over a period of time. They also help inmemorizing important facts and statistics in an effective way.

While learning gets more interesting by using these techniques you can also refer to the following online sources: – here you can make your own flash cards or study from the existing ones. – returns sentences using the given word.


Remember: Determination + Hard work = Mission Accomplished