There are a lot of reasons why lakhs of students migrate from India to the UK for their higher education. The United Kingdom, more than anything else, is home to some of the best global universities– University of Cambridge, Oxford, University College London and a lot more. These are very old universities with reputed credibility and perfect academic excellence. Universities in the United Kingdom also help students with easy accommodation. Most institutions assure campus accommodation for all international students. The UK is largely known for its culturally diverse environment as well. There are a variety of ethnicities, religions and races residing in the country and it has always proven to be very open to new traditions and cultures which is a plus point for international students. 

The United Kingdom also offers some of the best scholarships to international students. Finance is a key factor while considering opportunities abroad. Universities in the UK provide up to 100% scholarship to help more and more students achieve their dreams. However, even without a scholarship, the UK is considered to be one of the most affordable countries for higher education considering the fact that under-graduation courses here take only three years whereas post-graduation courses take one. Other countries usually offer a minimum period of 5-6 years of graduate education altogether. 

Studying in the United Kingdom guarantees academic excellence. The universities have high standards of pedagogy and exceptional teaching methods. They make sure multi-country interaction takes place and students get encouraged to express their opinions. They give a lot of importance to critical thinking and vigorous learning. Study programs there are well planned and ensure student development in all ways. Research-based programs are also very popular amongst international students. Also, work experience is a part of the curriculum. A work placement is a part of the study course and universities in fact assist students in finding placements. This helps international students gain extra allowance and also provides them with work experience. A specific Career Services team helps students make an influential resumes and prepares them for job interviews. 

Universities in the United Kingdom provide students with a large variety of courses to opt from. Thus, it is preferred for one to be exceptionally sure about what they wish to pursue for long-term returns. The country offers to students the best universities with the best types of courses where a lot of different subjects can be brought together as per the student’s interests and abilities. Institutions allow students to build their courses by choosing subjects that they are passionate about. Students can be creative and thus develop a skill set right according to their needs. 

Studying in a university in the United Kingdom makes sure to get one international recognition. The universities are well reputed and thus a degree from the UK is held in high regard by employers all over the world. Career prospects automatically and instantly become better with education from the UK. Also, employers all over the world prefer employees who have an excellent grip on English. The UK, being the origin of the English language, ensures one to have proficiency in that language if educated there. Therefore, employment possibilities globally increase. Higher-salary jobs are guaranteed. All degrees are also universally accepted and recognized. 

International students studying in the United Kingdom receive access to free medical treatments and other health services. However, in order for that, an Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) needs to be paid during the process of visa application. These are provided by the NHS (National Health Services). Also, international students prefer the UK because of its easy and safe traveling platforms. Commuting is convenient and cost-effective. Accommodation inside campus usually means that universities allow you to travel inside campus providing you with vehicles at no cost at all. Bicycles are preferred inside as well as an outside campus for students. Big major cities of the UK also have efficient underground systems to make travel quicker and more convenient.

A post-study work permit has also been introduced in the United Kingdom for the benefit of international students. This is an additional 2 years of visa for students to stay in the country after they have completed their studies. On the post-study work visa, a student can continue to live in the UK after graduation and work under any employer. This provides long-term work opportunities for students. 

The most general reason behind the popularity of the United Kingdom is all the interesting places that can be visited while you are in the country. There are historical monuments, beautiful scenarios, music festivals, and much more that can awe a man into falling in love with the place. There are beautiful places to visit such as the Tower of London, the British Museum, the London Eye, the National Gallery, Tower Bridge and so much more to explore. Students would surely love to be in such a place while they are young and willing to explore.

Therefore, studying in the UK not only will give a student the best years of his/her life while they’re in the country but also make sure that they have the best career in the future. Getting into one of the universities there can change one’s life forever.