Our curated list of best countries to pursue MBA – as of today, MBA is one of the most sought degrees globally. Any graduate belonging to any stream of study wishes to pursue MBA for their higher studies. But, choosing the right MBA  degree for your higher studies can be tricky, and choosing a country to start this journey is even trickier. So, if you are wondering which countries would be the best for your MBA degree based on your area of interest then worry no further. Here we have curated the list of the best countries on a hierarchical basis where you can pursue your MBA degree comfortably and immediately be a part of a promising career thereafter.

Below is a list of the best countries to pursue MBA degree

1. The USA

The United States of America is the best possible destination to pursue an MBA degree Abroad. In fact, it was the United States of America that originated the degree Masters in Business Administration aka MBA. The nation is filled with the world’s highest-ranking Business Schools with an even better network of Alumni. In the USA, MBA degrees go on for two years with great internships during summers which ensures that the students get as much professional exposure as they desire and is vital for a career in management. Some of the best business schools in the USA are Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Penn (Wharton), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Columbia Business School, etc. which fall into the list of top Business Schools ranked by QS World Rankings 2021. MBA here can be a bit expensive but the availability of a number of scholarships helps in the process. 


The second on this list is the UK. In fact, London is currently ranked by the Global Financial Centres Index as the World’s most competitive financial center. It is this that makes the UK one of the best destinations for MBA prospects. The nation is filled with some of the greatest Business Schools like UCLA, London Business School, Saïd Business School, University of Cambridge Judge Business School, Imperial College Business School, Cranfield University etc. which makes it perfect for students to learn and network here. In the UK an MBA program usually goes on for about a year with some programs that go on for two years. If you desire you can also work and study part-time in the UK. 


Securing a third place for best countries to pursue MBA stands for Canada. The quality of education in Canada is highly appreciated and recognized. Canada is one of those countries where International students can comfortably study and reside with minimum to no worry about work after completing a course.  Canada is home to 6 of the Top 100 Business Schools as stated by QS Global MBA Rankings in the year 2018. In recent years international student applicants to this country have significantly increased because of the top-notch education that this North American country provides. Some well-known business schools in Canada are Ivey Business School, HEC Montreal, UBC Sauder School of Business, John Molson School of Business, Rotman School of Management, Alberta School of Business, etc. 

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Fourth on this list is another English-speaking nation, Australia. In recent years the Australian Education system has been proving its stand for some top MBA destinations in the world. Australia hosts some really reputed and highly-ranked business schools like the University of Melbourne, the University of South Wales (UNSW), Monash University, and Australian National University, which have all secured top 10 positions in the list of best business schools in the country as stated by Times Higher Education Subject Rankings. The two essential things that make Australia stand out in this list are its strong entrepreneurial mindset and the enviable lifestyle that it provides. It is presumed that Australia is very soon heading close to the growing financial and business meccas in Southeast Asia. This strengthens the fact that in Australia students can expect the best management education and exposure for their future career upliftment. 


There can never be a list of the best places to pursue a degree without mentioning Germany in it and thus in this list, Germany secures the fifth position. As a nation, Germany is known to be fueled by Innovation and Technology. Germany is one of the world’s strongest economies which paves way for a great career for all work aspirants in the country. Studying business in Germany is fruitful as the students of these business degrees benefit largely from the large academic successes of the business schools in the country. Germany is home to big luxury brands like Mercedes Benz, and BMW which further states that it’s a great place for business enthusiasts to begin their journey.  Germany is known for world-class education facilities and it features state-of-the-art infrastructure which makes this country one of the best places to study MBA. The Financial Rank top 100 MBA ranking includes 3 German schools. Some great MBA schools in Germany are  Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, ESMT Berlin, WHU, Mannheim Business School, HHL Leipzig, etc. 


The sixth in line is France but France was the first European country to offer MBA degrees. France is one of the most competitive places to pursue an MBA degree. The 2018 QS Global MBA Ranking had two of the top three schools from France which were INSEAD in second position and HEC Paris in third position. The fact that Paris is the financial and business hub in the world isn’t unknown to us and students pursuing a business degree in France highly benefit from this fact. Some other well-known institutions to pursue an MBA degree in France are EDHEC Business School, ESSEC Business School, Audencia, Grenoble Ecole de Management, ESCP Business School, Toulouse Business School, etc. 


The next on this list is Spain. Spain is one of the most popular destinations for MBA amongst students all over the globe. In the recent QS Global MBA Rankings, IE Business School located in Madrid secured the seventh position. Followed by IESE Business School securing the tenth position in the same list. This strengthens the fact that Spain is undoubtedly a great destination to pursue an MBA degree. Several cities in Spain are significant financial hubs. Barcelona is at present the largest port in the Mediterranean Sea.  Spain is also a cultural hotspot so apart from receiving great education you can also immerse yourself in Spain’s rich culture and learn Spanish from the locals themselves. This will give you a linguistic benefit in the global market. Some other MBA colleges in Spain are EADA Business School, IE Business School, EOI Business School, Esade Barcelona, Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM), The Global American University, Schiller, etc. 


Being one of the major financial centers of Southeast Asia, the first Asian country on the list undoubtedly has to be Singapore. Singapore happens to be one of the World’s most important business locations. A stable economy makes Singapore one of the most preferred educational destinations for international students in all of Asia. In the Global Innovation Index 2017, this country secured the seventh position. Some of the best colleges to study MBA in Singapore are the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University, INSEAD Singapore, etc. Some perks of studying in Singapore are quality education, a great job market, top-notch healthcare, and international diversity. 


The country to make up the ninth position on this list is Switzerland. Famous globally as a world-class financial institution, Switzerland is also home to several of the most powerful companies in the world like Nestle, the Zurich Insurance Group, and Credit Suisse. This fact opens doors to a range of business opportunities that one can seek in Switzerland. This country has over 100 MBA programs in cities like Lausanne, Geneva, St. Gallen, etc. One perk of studying and pursuing an MBA degree in Switzerland is the high salary that Switzerland offers to its MBA degree holders. This is solely due to the growth in the number of multinational companies in Switzerland. It is fairly easy to land a job with a swiss MBA degree. Some well-known institutions to pursue an MBA degree here are IMD Business School, University of St. Gallen, SBS Swiss Business School, UBIS University, EU Business School, etc. 


Securing the tenth position on this list is the Netherlands. The Netherlands is home to several prestigious institutions in the world. This country is considered a hub for business. A part of the reason behind this consideration is the fact that it has the continent’s largest port, the port of Rotterdam making it an ideal destination for business. The Netherlands is home to companies like Unilever, Shell, and KLM making it a successful business destination thus guaranteeing great work exposure to business students. The Netherlands also happens to have the highest percentage of startups in Europe making it a throbbing entrepreneurial nation. Some well-known business schools in the Netherlands are the University of Amsterdam, Erasmus University, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, and Nyenrode Business University.


The eleventh on this list is another Asian Nation, Japan. Japan’s economy is the third largest in the world which paves a way for the best possible education and guaranteed job security after graduation. Japan pays special attention to the quality of education that it provides as well as education here is extremely affordable. The two most sought degrees in Japan are Business and Finance. This guarantees that an MBA degree in Japan will definitely be worth it. Some well-known business schools in Japan are NUCB Business School, Kyoto University, Hitotsubashi ICS, International University of  Japan, Rikkyo University, Keio University, etc.


China is the twelfth on this list and the third Asian Nation to make a place in this list. In the 2019 QS Global MBA Rankings China secured three positions with CEIBS at 25’th position along with Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Antai College of Economics and Management as well as Sun Yat-sen Business School. More and more international students are now choosing China as their business study destination today. This is because China’s economy is dynamic and one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. China is heading towards becoming a tech start-up hub and the presence of colleges like CEIBS that lets students develop their business ideas and connect with local and international venture capitalists is a cherry on top of the pie. With this China is setting a new educational regime that’s practical and more promising than ever. International students seem to be drawn toward China because of affordable living costs and the availability of various scholarships. Studies show that the Chinese Government provides the equivalent of USD 300 million in scholarships to its international students every year thus making it relatively cheaper to pursue a degree in China. The Chinese market has a hold on every other global market in the world and the most valuable skill that an international student adapts during their study in China is the opportunity of working with all-Chinese teams and gaining global exposure in terms of business. Choosing China as your business study destination shall be a wise one.

Having an MBA degree from abroad opens doors to a plethora of possibilities in the professional world of business. With the right choice of college and subject, you too can make the most of this globally valuable degree and be the best at your job. In today’s digital age pursuing an MBA degree online from any country you desire is also an option. Pursuing an MBA degree abroad be it online or offline gives you an edge to kickstart your management career at various business hotspots of the world. However, almost all universities around the globe require some sort of work experience from their International MBA degree aspirants so it is advisable that you gain some work experience prior to applying so that you can stand out among the other applicants for the same course. The world today is becoming more and more competitive day by day and having an edge in your application will definitely boost your chances of securing a seat at the top MBA colleges in the world.