Pranav Kundra


Inspirus is a top-notch coaching class for all GRE aspirants. It covers all aspects of the exam. Right from the first lecture Prof Ganesh Kohli taught us that we needed to have the ‘Winner’ attitude to score well. Moreover, the staff at Inspirus is very helpful, always encouraging and pushing students to do their best. [...]

Pranav Kundra2018-10-09T00:56:30+05:30

Shreyas Mundra


When I first enrolled in Inspirus, I was a little apprehensive of the idea since I study in a different city and would only be in Mumbai during my semester holidays for two months. However, Inspirus stood by their word by providing me ample amount of online material and also constant guidance and support via [...]

Shreyas Mundra2018-10-09T00:58:11+05:30

Rudresh Panchal


Inspirus has been extremely helpful throughout this entire journey. From guidance regarding the material to be followed to the tests, everything was up to the mark. Not only was the access to tests at Inspirus unprecedented, but the feedback received from the faculty in various forms also was extremely helpful. I would like to specially [...]

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Ashwini Nene


The staff at Inspirus guided me at every step. The classroom lectures were very useful and the teachers, experienced. The strategies taught by Inspirus were simply brilliant and I used those while giving the actual test. I received specific instructions for different question types and my essays were rated almost instantaneously. Towards the end, I [...]

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