It was a really good experience for me in Inspirus and the teachers and counselors played a really crucial role in me securing such a good score. Even though there wasn’t much time for me to prepare, they helped me plan out my studies accordingly in order to ensure that I was well drilled before the date of the test. The quantitative practice that I got was particularly helpful as I only had to go through my notes once before the exam and that helped me recall everything I had learned. The verbal classes were brilliant while preparing for the analytical writing as I could plan out what I wanted to write very clearly. The methods of teaching are really great, combined with the regular tests as well as the various books and links provided by Inspirus, make the task of giving the GRE a whole lot easier. The counselors were always willing to help and pushed me to study and perform. All in all, joining Inspirus TOEFL coaching classes was extremely beneficial and helped me in getting the score I got.