We all dream of going abroad at least once in our lives, maybe to study, to work or maybe just for a vacation. But giving it some serious thought, if you did, in fact, consider studying abroad, it will actually be a good idea, because of the various benefits of studying abroad that there are. Along with the thrill of travelling to a distant country, you get to learn a lot, by meeting new people, experiencing new methods of pedagogy and exploring yourself and the rest of the world.

In this article, you will get to know what are the benefits of studying in abroad and why the SAT exam is important while dreaming for abroad education. Before reading this article, if you don’t know what SAT exam is, then we must suggest you know all SAT exam details to understand its benefits.

1. It hones your language skills

When you go to study in a different country, you tend to develop an interest in its native language. This can be for various reasons – to be able to communicate with the natives in their national/native language or be able to talk to the friends you make there in their language. It can also be a part of the curriculum where you need to learn the language of the country. Whatever the reason be, even if it is a language that wasn’t alien to you before you shifted to the country, eg. English being a very common language, you still get to brush up on your language and hone your linguistic skills.

2. It makes you self-reliant

When you go to study abroad, you come to realize this fact some day or the other that no one but you is going to take care of yourself in the distant land. You start valuing everything you have – your time, your money, the efforts of your parents and their support in helping you get a degree. This instils a sense of maturity in you and you tend to develop the seriousness you need to stay focused and build a career for yourself in life.

3. You get along with a new culture

Studying abroad means getting to know different people from different backgrounds. Through the years of education in your country, you get used to socializing with people of your kind, with similar habits, beliefs and even backgrounds. However, once you go abroad and study in a foreign university where people from all over the world come to study, it gives you the opportunity to go beyond your comfort zone and not just talk to different people but also know in depth about their countries, cultures, beliefs and backgrounds. This adds value to your life for you to become equipped with the art of dealing with people from diverse backgrounds with different needs, etc. and yet living with them in harmony.

Having said all that, you know how important it becomes to crack the SAT if you genuinely wish to widen your horizons, step out of your comfort zone and go abroad to study in a foreign university. You cannot possibly think of compromising on your SAT and should know that SAT is of prime importance because your admission if not totally, then mostly depends on whether you take the SAT and score well in it or not.

4. Some Colleges need SAT

When you decide that you want to study abroad, there are already a few colleges or maybe a single college you wish to enrol in. You need to check its admission policy and the requirement of SAT. There are colleges for which SAT is a compulsory parameter that needs to fill while seeking admission. To get into such universities, the SAT becomes very important for you. And to get into top universities, a great SAT score is of utmost importance. For getting a great SAT score, you need to know how to prepare for SAT.

5. It helps you discover your potential

Some states like the US do not grant admission to international students unless they’ve appeared for SAT. This is not just to check your academic proficiency. Admissions officers at top-ranked universities do not just use the SAT to determine whether a student is college-ready. Instead, SAT scores help colleges interpret students’ overall academic performance in relation to the national applicant pool.

6. Scholarships from SAT

SAT isn’t just a test that has the power to get you into your dream college, but it is something that can also help you financially in the course of your education. You can avail scholarships by getting a certain SAT score, which will vary depending on the ranking of the college you apply to and also your college’s financial aid policies for international students. Colleges ask for SAT plus a certain GPA in combination for many of their scholarship opportunities ( merit-based scholarships). Colleges elaborate on award criteria on their Web sites and in their informational materials, explaining that a certain SAT, or SAT/GPA, or GPA level will qualify all or a selection of students for certain levels of awards.

Other times, if it is apparent that if your SATs are in the top third or so of a college’s SAT range, you will be most likely to qualify for a merit-based award (aka a discount on tuition) if that institution has a non-need-based aid program.

These are the important benefits of studying abroad and why the SAT Exam is important.