MSc in Clinical Psychology in UK is an academic program that is strongly curated and developed in association with various psychological boards and establishments. Both governmental and non-governmental to ensure the quality and practical value of the education provided and to increase the competency of students by involving them in the updated areas of concerns. United Kingdom is the 3rd most popular destination around the globe to study Clinical Psychology.

Top 20 Universities in UK for MSc in Clinical Psychology

Here’s the list of top 20 universities for MSc in Clinical Psychology in UK.

  1. University of Cambridge 
  2. University College London (UCL) 
  3. King’s College London 
  4. University of Edinburgh 
  5. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) 
  6. University of Manchester 
  7. Cardiff University 
  8. University of St. Andrews 
  9. University of Warwick 
  10. University of Birmingham 
  11. University of Hertfordshire 
  12. University of Sussex 
  13. University of Strathclyde 
  14. Newcastle University 
  15. University of Reading 
  16. University of Central Lancashire 
  17. Swansea University 
  18. Anglia Ruskin University 
  19. University of Bath 
  20. University of Southampton

Application Requirements 

When applying for admissions with universities in UK, international applicants must ensure  that they have a bachelor’s degree in psychology or cognate subjects which are approved by The British Psychological Society. Indian applicants must note that if you have a three-year  bachelor’s degree, you must mandatorily have more than 60% to enhance your chances of  getting admissions.

Along with your certificates, mark sheets, and other transcripts of previous education, there  is a list of things you need to send along with your clinical psychology course applications.  These are detailed below:

  • CV or Resume that outlines your academic or professional progress.
  • Personal Statement: It is a crucial part of your application to the course. Your  personal statement must include: 

Personal experiences and reflections on mental health. 

Demonstration of your potential to adhere to the NHS’ values, 

Ability to acquire the skills and aptitudes of a professional psychologist. Reflection of what as per you are the challenges and opportunities involved  with undertaking further education of mental health and clinically related  psychology. 

Reflections on your own resilience and preparedness for a challenging  course. 

Experiences of volunteering, working, or research in fields related to mental  health 

  • Scores of tests required to study MSc in Clinical Psychology in UK.

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Application Process MSc in Clinical Psychology in UK

International students can use UCAS to apply for the Master’s degree as well, however,  universities have their own application portal too for Master’s admission. 

Guide to Apply Through UCAS 

Before applying for courses to study MSc in Clinical Psychology in UK through UCAS, the international students  have to register in UCAS. The school/college does this for them, applicants can register for  the same on their own. They may do the same on their own as well. 

  1. Search for courses and colleges/universities in the UK. 
  2. Save the courses to the favorite page. 
  3. Complete the profile by filling in the required information 
  4. Make the UCAS application and submit it along with the personal statement. 5. Get the Reference letter from teacher/guidance counselor 
  5. Do the course preferencing. 
  6. Make choices considering the applications received by the university/college. 

The international students shall shortlist colleges, prepare for all the documents required  and apply at least two to three weeks before the deadline, applying in advance will make  sure applicants have ample to receive the decision about admission and prepare for the Visa  process. Applicants’ decision about the admission must be notified to the college/university  by April.


The basic eligibility for pursuing admission to MSc Psychology program, candidates must  hold a bachelor degree in any Psychology courses from a recognized university with an  aggregate of at least 50% marks.

However, students holding any other degree such as Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), BA  Sociology, B.Sc. Home Science, B.A. Philosophy or B.Ed. with Psychology Papers can also  apply for MSc Psychology courses.