Where are the classes located?


We provide SAT coaching at all our branches situated in Mumbai at Andheri West, Ghatkopar East, and Bandra West with well-laid out infrastructure and learning environment.  

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What is the full form of SAT?


Earlier the full form of SAT used to be The Scholastic Aptitude Test, technically called the SAT-I, which comprises of a general test assessing reading, writing and language and math skills. It is accepted for U.S. College Admissions. Most U.S. Universities ask for the SAT for admissions to their undergraduate programs. However, now the SAT [...]

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What do we mean by SAT I & SAT II?


SAT I is a paper-based general test, assessing math, reading, writing and language and essay skills. Most US Universities require SAT Scores for admissions. SAT I is a 3 hours and 50 minute multiple choice test with the essay and 3 hours test without the essay. It has a validity of 2 years. SAT is [...]

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When is the SAT held?


SAT is held 7 times in a year in the US : August, October, November, December, March, May and June. However, in other countries it is held 4 times a year : October, December, March and May.

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How much does the under graduate school cost?


Different universities have different fee structures for different under grad programs. However, on an average, the four years can cost you anywhere between Rs. 20-25 lakhs per annum, if you haven’t been awarded a scholarship or a fee waiver option of the university concerned.

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