Argument essay is not the usual essay wherein we write about “what we feel”, “how we feel” and our “favorite hangout place” etc. It’s all about finding the claims that the given argument makes and further pointing out the flaws. Now take a look at a few different elements that are of utmost importance while writing an argument essay.

The Important Elements that should be considered in an Argument essay are:

  • Solid Planning.
  • Question the logic and evidence that is provided by the prompt.
  • Avoid emotional language.
  • Know the difference between a logical conclusion and an emotional point of view.
  • Don’t make up evidence.
  • Stick to Facts.
  • Make an outline.
  • Don’t get into personal opinion

Now comes the Writing Stage of your Argumentative Essay.

Once you have a solid foundation to work with, start crafting your essay. Your body of an Argument essay should contain the following parts:

Introduction – Briefly state the claims made by the Argument prompt.

Body – You need to find out the flaws in those claims made by the argument prompt. Be very logical in your thinking and you could give analogies to prove your point.

Summary – Restate your position by reviewing the logical conclusion and suggest one or two ways in which the argument could have been made more convincing. Be Objective in your views.

Tips to remember:

  • Never be in a hurry to finish your Essay.
  • Prepare yourself about 10 times before the date of your actual test.
  • Don’t use words that you are not familiar with, it can affect the meaning.

No personal opinion is required.

Right after this, read on to learn how to analyse an argument.