During these difficult times, we’re experiencing a lot of misinformation floating across the internet in relation to visa regulations for international students. Authenticating the source of information has become paramount. Hence, Inspirus Education has taken up the onus to research, connect with the right collaborators to sort the information and create information checklists as per queries that we are encountering the most.

As it stands now, almost all universities have restricted entry into their campuses and are conducting classes online. Therefore, the best way forward for unhindered university education is to keep the relevant authority, say the International Student Office at your university, updated in terms of any further changes to your plans as procedures vary both the university- and country-wise. Whether you are back home in India or still at your university location, we hope that you are safe and sound at your relatives, friends, or university-arranged accommodations, and are diligently continuing with your online classes and practical training work, as instructed by your university.

Across the world, currently-enrolled students are permitted to take online classes with no effect on their full-time academic visa status. This has been approved across the board by policymakers at universities, visa authorities and education ministries in multiple countries such as the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, et al on a special, temporary basis due to the COVID-19 public health emergency. This means that you can study full-time online and it will not affect your student visa status when the situation returns to normalcy. Your degree will still hold the same value to employers and visa authorities.

It is also important to keep a check that your passport and visa stamp will be valid at the time of your expected date of return to the university campus. The expected date of return as announced for most universities across the world is at the start of the next term.

Please remember that this is an evolving situation that is subject to change. We highly recommend you review current global public health advisories and keep track of any travel restrictions in place. Please also consider your ability to access online learning and travel limitations for the next academic term as well.

Inspirus Education would like to extend our services for any support that students or their parents may require in stabilising the situation for smooth functioning in the future. Please do connect with us for any help required.