The UK is all set to offer post-education work rights to international students. These work rights will be valid for the two years post-graduation. It is a great opportunity for students graduating in 2020/2021. They will get a chance to avail of these new rights and reap their benefits.

This policy was launched by the UK government in the middle of a major political meltdown. The government launched the world’s largest genetics research project and during their announcement, they focused on their need for experts, especially in the field of STEM. The new immigration rule was launched as a part of this announcement with the expectations of getting the required expertise. 

In the official statement, they mentioned that international students make up for nearly half the strength of postgraduate batches for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math subjects in the UK. So, these new rights are an opportunity for those students, including the ones working in the field of STEM, to find an employment opportunity in the UK and stay there longer. 

The education sector has been actively crusading over this rule, especially over the last couple of years, since these rights were rescinded in 2012. Admission of Indian students in the UK was significantly affected because of these confinements, followed by enormous developments in Canada

UUK Director Vivienne Stern sees this rule as a chance to set the UK as a favourable choice for international students. She further believes that it will reset the UK as the first choice for students, the pride of which was lost to South Asia in the past few years. She noted a huge interest of students in India after the declaration of the new rule in a press conference, and she believes this will attract more students. 

UUK Chief Executive Alastair Jarvis sees this as a very constructive step. This is because international students bring social as well as financial benefits to the county. 

According to the official government statement, this PSW visa will be offered to students who have finished their undergraduate or higher studies from a UK higher education university. The student’s records will be checked to ensure that he is good enough at upholding immigration checks. There won’t be any limit on the number of applications. The students will be allowed to apply for different jobs based on their eligibility, and even switch routes if they match the required criterion.

At the UUK conference, a Home Office spokesperson confirmed that the students graduating in the 2020-21 academic year are the first batch that is expected to profit out of this policy. The new rule is expected to serve as an advantage to the students.

It also puts out the UK as a striking place for education with great opportunities after college. This is because the extra two years of work experience is very likely to invite the attention of more students and their families to the UK’s ELT sector to start their journey towards a successful future. Thus, this visa is expected to appeal to a huge lot of bright minds.