Amogh Rao


I had reached out to Inspirus just two weeks before my SAT and despite such short notice, they helped me with all that they could to help me push through the final leg of the SAT preparation. Though I did not expect much from the first attempt, I got a decent score of about 1300. [...]

Amogh Rao2019-10-24T11:53:03+05:30

Tishita Agarwal


Inspirus has helped me and walked with me through every step of the way, from training and classes till the very day before the exam. I have only the excellent faculty and competent counsellors to thank for my great score. The learning environment is great and the other facilities and resources helped me a lot. [...]

Tishita Agarwal2018-10-09T00:37:47+05:30

Kashish Raimalani


The most difficult part of the SAT for me was the evidence based reading & writing section. However, after attending the lectures I was able to solve the questions with ease. The full length tests helped me with time management and I managed to finish the paper on time only after I wrote 2 papers. [...]

Kashish Raimalani2018-10-09T00:38:11+05:30

Isha Sethi


The Inspirus faculty puts a lot of dedication into teaching us exactly what we need to know to crack the SAT. A number of practice tests provided Inspirus and the feedback after every paper were very important to my performance on the SAT. Counselor support is available at any time of the day making it [...]

Isha Sethi2018-10-09T00:39:50+05:30

Simran Porwal


Having made the decision to go abroad in my twelfth grade, I was intimidated by the fact that I hardly had any time for SAT preparation. However, after joining Inspirus SAT coaching classes the anxiety gradually vanished and I became more confident. The lectures are really helpful for important time-saving tips as well as clarification [...]

Simran Porwal2019-04-27T16:24:39+05:30

Aarushi Mathur


At Inspirus, I received a lot of help, resources & support. The practice material at Inspirus is vast and by taking lot of practice test and analyzing the results I was able to gauge where I stood and know what I needed to improve. The many books they provide ensures targeted practice for weak areas. [...]

Aarushi Mathur2019-10-23T12:20:13+05:30

Shania Sinha


Inspirus helped me a lot in preparing for my SAT. They were very accommodating with my busy schedule. Their prep classes helped me revise the basic concepts which guided me in solving high-level SAT problems, both in Math and English. The teachers also cleared every doubt I had. Whenever I needed them, they were there [...]

Shania Sinha2018-10-09T00:44:03+05:30

Ananya Sivaraman


Inspirus truly helped me increase my SAT score substantially. I can owe it to the faculty who provided insights and key strategies to tackle the test section by section. Their timely advice and support has helped me the most. The best aspect of Inspirus is their rigorous testing pattern. Solving 24 full length practice tests [...]

Ananya Sivaraman2018-10-09T00:44:46+05:30