I had a fantastic experience with the one on one training at Inspirus for IELTS. Counselor was meticulous and the strategies she suggested made the difference during the test. Apart from the British Council book, I practiced with the Inspirus prep book in the days leading up to my test. The practice tests in the book were most helpful in understanding the test format. The writing section, which was the most challenging in my experience, required a lot of practice to help build the pace for the test day. What really helped me was getting feedback on my essays from my trainer on how I could strategize my time and write a neat essay on any given topic. Because I am comfortable with the English language, 30-45 days of preparation and 6-7 mock tests helped me achieve a good score. However, I would suggest at least 60 days of dedicated preparation to familiarize oneself with the test and get confident with mock tests.
I thank Inspirus for the training and being so hands on with their work. The best part was that even with my erratic schedule, the folks at Inspirus were extremely accommodating and helped me get through a fair amount of training for my IELTS Test.