When I first enrolled in Inspirus, I was a little apprehensive of the idea since I study in a different city and would only be in Mumbai during my semester holidays for two months. However, Inspirus stood by their word by providing me ample amount of online material and also constant guidance and support via email and phone, which is a testimony to the flexibility that Inspirus offers. Also, during my two months in Mumbai, they encouraged me to attend their classroom lectures which helped me a lot. During the last month of my GRE preparation, they provided me with a pre-planned schedule of practice tests that I was supposed to attempt before giving the actual GRE. The teachers and counsellors were also very approachable and I could easily approach them for getting tips, clarifying doubts as well as asking questions that I was not able to solve during the practice tests. All in all, my experience at Inspirus was really good and they helped me in achieving my dream score!