With free education for international students, Germany is the best upcoming destination for higher studies. Here’s the list of top 10 highest paying degrees in Germany in 2022 and beyond.

1. Medicine and Dentistry

The healthcare sector is often seen as one of the most valuable and important sectors in any country and it provides and delivers the well-being of any country. Keeping note of this, we can see that the people acquiring medical or dentistry degrees in Germany have the highest demands, and often as it comes out as an important profession for society, its demands increase over the years. An average salary of a medical or dentistry graduate goes up to around 80,000 euros annually.

2. Computer Science

With the growing technology, the world is running at its fastest pace and for the development and improvement in the IT sector and any other technical sector, one of the highly valued degrees in Computer Science. As technology is an essential part of our life, the transformation that is taking place digitally is opening up the job sectors and opportunities for the graduates of Computer Science. The discovered algorithms and scales are adding to the development and value of the ascribed sectors. A degree in computer science pays around 65,000 euros annually.

3. Law

A strong justice system serves the welfare of the country. Finding a good lawyer for any legal issues is difficult but at the same time, it is demanding too. The first step for the legal practitioners is to pursue a legal degree in an esteemed university and after that, a candidate is asked to complete a two-year apprenticeship and take up the German bar exam or state exam. The annual income of the lawyers in Germany is around 74,000 euros and they are one of the highest earners in Germany.

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4. Industrial Engineering

For the working of companies and organizations more efficiently, the demand for industrial engineering is rising high as it is one of the degrees that works both with the services and products as well. It deals with reducing machine time, in a factory that produces something, and in the services sector, it decreases the time, money, and employee hours which do not add value to productivity. As with the rise of companies’ efficiency, this particular degree pays a staggering 70,288 euros per annum.

5. Engineering

A degree in Engineering provides various branches of general knowledge and various aspects of the profession. The demand for engineers is high in every step for a country because it enriches every detail in work and comes up with high accuracy in any sector that an engineer wishes to pursue. Succumbed with analytical and logical thinking, an engineering degree becomes a necessity for the upliftment of the country. The salary of an engineering degree is 69,780 euros per annum.

6. Natural Sciences

Through the field of accurate sciences, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are highly demanding. Degrees in natural sciences seek through important findings and discovery of the organisms. Practically, people with a natural science degree assist people in making precise materials, acquainting with the laws of nature for the above. The average salary range is around 66,954 euros per annum.

7. Business and Economics

Managing a company and compiling the strategic planning for the growth of the company, the need of people with the proper knowledge of basics of business and economics. The success of any company starts with the foundation of the growth of the economy for the upliftment of the business. Hence, the demand for a degree in Economics and Business is high enough. People with these degrees are paid around 65,404 per annum.

8. Architecture

Constructing spaces and buildings that build our living, Architecture is one of the proficient skills that is demanding for the construction basis as well as structures for offices, etc. A degree in Architecture provides the medium for the development of a gifted skill along with professional training in building techniques as well as being strong and not prone to collapse. Architects are well paid since the average salary for an architect is around 55,822 euros.

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9. Psychology

Coping with the health issues, just like doctors and dentists are necessary for serving the society as mentioned above, similarly for the wellbeing of mental health is also a necessity and prime importance. A degree in psychology comes with various branches that often help in finding solutions to our mental health issues and slowly working through our mental issues with care and a healthy environment. Nowadays, salaries after a degree in psychology are rising high, at approximately 55,204 euros.

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10. Earth Science

With the constant evolving of the environmental changes in the planet, it is one of the prime concerns for the people to look into it and that’s when the Earth scientists’ demands come in. They work upon the depth and details of the earth and its geology, its oceans, and its weather. Finding ways to protect our planet and digging out the problems that are affecting our earth, a degree in earth science adds value in protecting and knowing the earth. People holding a degree in Earth Science make around 53,713 euros.