Do you ever sit and wonder what could be the top student cities in the world for international students? If you are looking to study abroad, as a student, you would naturally want to be living in cities that are most student-friendly along with boasting of having some of the best universities of the world.

After taking into consideration different factors like affordability, desirablity, security, entertainment options etc, here’s the list of top 11 student cities in the world.

1. London, UK

Situated in the United Kingdom, London tops the QS list of best student cities in the world 2022. London welcomes you with innumerable experiences and with the mark of low marks of affordability along with the world-leading universities which open the doors to better career opportunities and options for building the network and developing your skills.

2. Munich, Germany

Standing as a strong economic center and with an extensive international student hub, Munich lets you discover innovative ideas and also strategize business plans with an esteemed purpose and helps you in exercising fruitful communication for in exploring the wide range of universities and good education.

3. Seoul, Korea

 Choosing a university for a proper course structure is necessary for the development of the student and for that Seoul is one of the proper options which comes with a diverse population which creates the atmosphere for the transformation of ideas and adds diversity to the students and that’s why Seoul comes under the third position among the best cities for the international students.

4. Tokyo, Japan

The fast-paced urban speed of Tokyo creates one of the most stimulating environments for the students for public security, which along with serves as one of the most affordable countries for the accommodation for the international students and most of the international ranked universities was established in Tokyo, which is one of the prime reasons for the attraction for the international students to opt for Tokyo.

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5. Berlin, Germany

With one of the most efficient countries, for the English postgraduation which thrives for the technological hub for connecting ideas and terming those ideas into actions and the culture of Berlin, emerges the students into its immersing culture and that is one of the reasons why Berlin is filled up with the highest number of international students and one of the prime reasons why international students opt for Berlin because the tuition fees are quite cheap.

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6. Melbourne, Australia

For the domestic as well as the international students, Melbourne comes under one of the best options because it provides the medium of help for the international students to settle down firstly with language, where they provide services for teaching language and Melbourne is seen to set up research and development operations and is one of the economic centers, Melbourne is a land of multinationals which takes the students one step in grabbing the employment opportunities.

7. Paris, France

Paris is one of the successful student cities where students are headed towards opportunities in research and development and are guided towards innovation and in the journey of entrepreneurship. Paris provides multiple experiences to the students, combing the rich culture and beauty. The social life of Paris boosts up the communication skills as well among the students. 

8. Sydney, Australia

Sydney focuses on the development of skills among the students and in Sydney students can develop and frame their life while studying and also working part-time and at the same time, which includes the inclusion of experience and Sydney is already of the multi-cultural cities in the world and over 250 languages are spoken which also adds to the point that, students won’t face much problem in communication as well as experience culture from all over the globe.

9. Boston, United States

The diversity and rich history of Boston make the place the cultural hotspot, ideal for the students to immerse themselves in extensive learning. Drawing its vibrancy, Boston provides valuable tuition fees and a large number of professional courses for the students in making them prepared for the corporate and other sectors as well. The living expenses in Boston are also average and make it easier for the students to opt for it.

10. Montreal, Canada

Montreal’s education opportunities and attractions, students will be acquainted with new people and will encounter with growth and particularly for international students, if you already speak French or feel you could learn it relatively easy. There are lots to see and for young people and costs are relatively low for Canada.

11. New York, United States

With the countless diversity that spreads around New York and being one of the busiest and most happening cities in the world, New York offers countless opportunities and experiences to the international students. With over 400 colleges and universities, New York delivers a well- rounded education for the students serving their interests and choices with the prescribed courses.