Whether you want to pursue MS in USA, MBA or any other course, you cannot do so unless you obtain a visa. We want you to have the most smooth-sailing F1 visa interview, so don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here is a comprehensive checklist of Do’s and Don’ts that you can always refer to at any time for your visa-related queries. If you’re still unclear about anything or require any assistance with your application, we’re always happy to help.


Listen up, because this is crucial. You cannot begin applying for your visa 120 days prior to the registration date or the start date of your course specified on your I-20. Since we urge you to be an early bird, you must always plan in such a way that you are entering the US 30 days or less before the start of your course.


The DS-160 is a visa application form that you must fill with the utmost care. This form will be the first impression the Consular Officer will get of you, so it’s best to not make any mistakes when filling it. Let us guide you on how to fill this form more efficiently in person before you walk in for your visa appointment.


Prior to the visa appointment, you must pay a SEVIS fee to the SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program) which keeps track of students and exchange visitors while they are in the USA. This SEVIS fee must be paid at least 4 days in advance to your visa application, failing which; your visa will be kept on hold. This is separate from the visa fee, so don’t mix the two up. We’re here to walk you through the process of paying this SEVIS fee.


This is Student Visa Day – a day of celebration because, on this day alone, the consulate will review over 1000 F1 visa applicants. Staff from the Consulate will be present to answer all of your queries and you will be treated to refreshments in a festive collegiate manner to celebrate your imminent success in the U.S. Get in touch with us well in advance and we’ll prepare you for any question that comes your way.


Something we urge every student to do is to believe in what they’re saying. Your confidence is your greatest strength and if you don’t get nervous, you’ll breeze through your interview. Always be transparent and have authentic documents to back any claim you make during your interview process, in case of a verification check. We can help prepare for your visa interview with 8-12 extensive rounds of mock interviews here, at KIC Education.

At KIC, we also help you present your finances in a better way, while constantly surveying the rest of your forms, to ensure your seamless transition into the university of your choice. So get in touch with us and we’ll put your every worry and doubt to rest. Best of luck!