Preparing for SAT: The Do’s and Don’ts


Even in the vaguest of knowledge that one has on SAT, he/she knows one thing for sure, that this exam isn’t a piece of cake. A lot of dedication, hard work and uncompromising focus goes into achieving an impressive SAT score. But what is the mantra behind such a score? What should, or should not [...]

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A Subject Wise Preparation Guide To Help You Prepare For SAT


As much as detailed information on the SAT is important, you should also know the ins and outs of how to prepare for the SAT exam. This means knowing the right way of approaching the SAT. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for SAT: 1. Do your research on the SAT: [...]

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SAT Exam Details: All You Need To Know About SAT Exam


The real struggle towards building your career begins after you finish high school and decide to pursue graduation in the field of your choice. The idea of finishing your graduation from a renowned university abroad might seem like herding cats, but it really doesn’t have to. If you determined and are willing to work [...]

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Benefits Of Studying Abroad & Why SAT Is Important


We all dream of going abroad at least once in our lives, maybe to study, to work or maybe just for a vacation. But giving it some serious thought, if you did, in fact, consider studying abroad, it will actually be a good idea, because of the various benefits of studying abroad that there are. [...]

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Tips to Solve Mixture Problems


Problems based on mixtures, more commonly known as an allegation is a fairly frequent concept tested on the exam. Since a major portion of this article is devoted to mathematics, let us begin with a little bit of English. ‘Allegation’ which means ‘a method of solving mixture problems’ sounds very similar to ‘allegation’ which means [...]

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Vocabulary Builder


Improve your communication and vocabulary skills in English Improving our skill sets on a daily basis is a very important factor in our lives. When it comes to Communication, some of us are proficient and fluent enough, but others are either low on self-esteem or can’t put the right words across when it comes to [...]

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What is SAT?


The SAT is a globally recognized college admission test. The SAT is a standardized test for most college admissions in the United States. It is owned, published, and developed by the College Board, a nonprofit organization in the United States. It was formerly developed, published, and scored by the Educational Testing Service which still [...]

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